Friday, December 19, 2014

Unaccredited: PCG's Herbert W. Armstrong College

The latest issue of The Journal is now out. (Hat tip: Otagosh.)

Among other things it contains a fascinating article by Edward Malone discussing PCG's purchase of a property to become a future collage campus. It happens to mention that PCG's Herbert W. Armstrong College is unaccredited.
The PCG operates a small liberal-arts and theology college, Herbert W. Armstrong College, also known as AC, in Edmond, Okla. Established in 2001, AC offers two-year and four-year unaccredited degrees.  
It graduated its first class in 2006, having obtained federal-government permission to accept international students in 2003. (p. 23.)
And so it can now be more firmly established that PCG's Herbert W. Armstrong College is in fact unaccredited.

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  1. The standards at Armstrong College are so high that they would have to be lowered in order to achieve accreditation. Isn't that amazing?