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Reading PCG's Booklet, South Africa in Prophecy

Let us now read the late Ron Fraser's booklet, South Africa in Prophecy. This booklet was printed in 1997 and, quite usually for their booklets, it has never been updated since then. Let us see what PCG's leaders have to say about South Africa. You can read this booklet on their website.

Ron Fraser was born in 1941. He was from Australia. He encountered HWA's writings and broadcasts around 1968. After the Tkach changes he joined PCG and became a minister for them. He died in 2013.

Chapter 1

South Africa has gone through great turmoil in recent years. What does Ron Fraser, a prominent leader of PCG, have to say about these important events in 1997?

First Ron Fraser condemns how Nelson Mandela's inaugaration was conducted, then he talks about British Israelism, that the British and Americans became so great and powerful because they are descendents of Abraham and have inherited the birthright blessings promised to Abraham's children. (pp. 2-3.)

Of course British Israelism is false. That doctrine is built on a foundation of sand as has recently shown.

But continuing with this error Fraser says that the whites in South Africa are largely descended from Abraham and so are inheritors of the birthright blessing promised to Abraham and passed through Isaac, then Jacob, then Joseph, then his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.
South Africa was colonised and settled largely by people of Ephraimitish (British) stock, in addition to those of the tribe of Zebulon (Dutch), Reuben (French Hugenots) and a mixture from Assyria (Germany). (p. 3.)
Fraser then says the white dominated government of South Africa has been viciously demonized and mocks all those who worked towards the end of apartheid as unwitting dupes causing South Africa's resources to be lost to Western trade. Some passages are highlighted to show some of the buzzwords Fraser uses to inspire hatred of and alienation with the ANC government and despair at the fall of apartheid.
A well-orchestrated campaign of disinformation, propaganda and scurrilous slander has been waged against the South African nation by the combined forces of government officials (both within and without South Africa), the liberal press, leftist church authorities and the United Nations. The catch phrase of all has been apartheid—the policy of separate development pursued by the South African government since 1948. What escapes most commentators’ attention is the reality that the whole world has been hoodwinked by this disinformation campaign. Most have expressed a great, global, emotive, self-righteous outcry against the imputed unfairness of the apartheid system. Many people are gullibly being led by the nose to endorse a power transfer that PORTENDS A FUTURE MINERAL AND METALS BLACKMAIL AGAINST THE COMBINED WESTERN ECONOMIES at least equivalent to that imposed by the OPEC oil cartel in a previous decade! (p. 4.)
Having read this book I will say that Fraser gives no evidence that apartheid was fair and he gives no attempt to justify why whites should have such a large share of the national wealth of South Africa. This booklet is a lot of bluster with very few facts to back it up and largely built around the proven falsehood of British Israelism. Sounds with no meaning in the real world.

Here Fraser even pretends that apartheid was only claimed to be unfair and pretends this is not proven. Does he think racial segregation is fine and proper? There will be more on this topic later.

Fraser then quotes someone who looks more presentable then him to red-bait the ANC government to portray them as Communists out to get all the resources of South Africa into the hands of your enemies right now.
As some astute Western analysts have suggested, if an African National Congress (ANC)-South African Communist Party (SACP)-dominated government in South Africa forges links with the Islamic-Arab crescent in consortium with Russia, only those who bow to radical Islam and a communist-led ANC may get their raw materials! (p. 5.)
Who today (outside of PCG) thinks of post-apartheid South Africa as an ally of Islamists, Iran and Russia? No one. Or at least no one honest.

This is madness!

Also from this point onwards Fraser constantly refers to Mandela's government as the "ANC-SACP" inaccurately implying that South Africa is now a Communist country. Also Fraser tries very hard to portray the ANC as aligned with hostile and evil forces as will be seen later.
Disaster looms huge on the horizon of South Africa, as godless communism has its day bringing an ANC-dominated government to power with the apparent full endorsement of Western society! (p. 6.)
He tries to portray South Africa as being essentially a communist country. (That is complete nonsense by the way.)

Now it time for Chapter 2. The madness is not going to calm down, alas.

Chapter 2

Fraser begins this chapter by noting that many African countries, after gaining independence from European colonialism, have not done very well.
Liberals turn a blind eye to the thousands of blacks who died, mainly in the provinces of Natal and the Transvaal as the communist-inspired and Islamic-Russian funded ANC pursued “democracy” in order to be elected to the seat of national power. The ANC-SACP’s failure to gain control of the National Party which dominates the Western Cape and the Inkatha Freedom Party-led Kwa Zulu-Natal region will inevitably lead to increased socio-political tensions in South Africa. (p. 8.)
It is true that South Africa was blighted by severe violence between rival political factions such as that between the ANC and the Inkatha Freedom Party. But that does not change the fact that apartheid rule had long ago been rendered unsustainable. It was definitely going to be abolished. There was simply no way the white minority was able to sustain itself as ruling over South Africa. Frankly it had long ago lost the ability to rule South Africa in a stable manner. Even as early as 1960 the British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan made his winds of change speech warning the apartheid regime that things could not continue as they had previously. Tragically the apartheid regime chose to ignore his wise warning. (That speech is never discussed in this booklet.)

After that Fraser then talks about British Israelism inspired fear mongering that the "sea gates" of South Africa will be seized by hostile forces allied with the ANC. He says that most of South Africa's "sea gates" are under the control of the Inkatha Freedom Party or the white led National Party which imposed apartheid upon South Africa. Fraser portrays these parties as being allied with the "Israelitish" peoples. But he fear mongers that the Russians and the Islamists are conspiring to seize control of these "sea gates" through the ANC and the South African Communist Party.
Durban and Richards Bay harbors in Natal account for nearly 80 percent of South Africa’s seaborne inflow and outflow of goods. Chief Buthelezi, of the Zulu-Inkatha party, holds control over these sea gates—a most powerful economic weapon.

At Africa’s southwestern tip lies the Cape of Good Hope. Administration of the Western Cape currently remains in the hands of the white-dominated National Party. Thus, control of the major merchant port of Table Bay and naval base, Simonstown (near Cape Town), is still vested in the hands of South Africa’s Israelitish minority. The Russian bosses of the SACP have not succeeded in their long-term aim of gaining control of South Africa’s rich mineral wealth only to have their plans to control the flow of minerals and metals exports frustrated at South African ports! Watch for potential strife that may lead to the seizure of these sea ports by the ANC-SACP. (p. 9.)
Has any such thing occurred?

After that Fraser talks about the dogma of British Israelism (which is complete nonsense). (pp. 9-13.) 

After that Fraser fear mongers again that the ANC and the Communists will seize control of the "sea gates".
Port Elizabeth, in the Southern Cape province of South Africa, is the only major sea gate presently under the control of the new ANC-SACP government in South Africa. The Natal sea gates of Richards Bay and Durban remain very vulnerable, no longer under the control of Ephraim, but now controlled by the Zulu-Inkatha party of Chief Buthelezi who currently is favorably inclined toward the West (Britain and America). However, principal Russian-controlled strategist behind the ANC-SACP success, communist boss, the late Joe Slovo (a former colonel in the Russian KGB), stated that Chief Buthelezi would become “a mere smell in history.” One would have to assume, at least as seen through the eyes of the late Joe Slovo, that it is only a matter of time before any resistance to communist aims in Natal is neutralized. (p. 13.)
Incidentally Joe Slovo happens to be of Lithuanian Jewish origin. His family moved to South Africa when he was eight. However it must be said Fraser never discusses that, thankfully.

Also I find it curious that Fraser never mentions, even in passing, that Joe Slovo had since passed on at the time of this booklet's publication. He died of cancer on January 6, 1995.

After this Fraser speculates that Chief Buthelezi, leader of the Inkatha Freedom Party, is being led into a trap by the ANC government.

Then he essentially accuses Pik Botha of being a traitor for helping to initiate negotiations between the apartheid government and the ANC.
As head of Foreign Affairs, it was Pik Botha who was the driving force behind the republic’s initiatives towards negotiations with the ANC and a coalition government of “national reconciliation.” The most astute commentators in South Africa have long suspected that Pik Botha was the prime strategist behind the United States-approved capitulation of the former government of F.W. DeKlerk to the communist dominated ANC-SACP coalition. ...

The primary goal of the communists in the South African takeover has been seizure of the vast mineral wealth of the country. Realising this, it becomes clear that the one selected to serve in the office of minister for mining would have to be a man the ANC-SACP can trust. Pik Botha was chosen as the new minister for mining! (pp. 13-14.)
Now since this is made by PCG, naturally at some point Fraser will bring up the Tkach changes in order to lure any WCG member or ex-WCG member into joining PCG. So therefore it is here that Fraser then talks about the Tkach changes. He ties this into South Africa by saying that HWA's WCG used to preach the warning about the Great Tribulation to South Africa and by condemning Tkach's WCG for no longer saying such fear inducing things to South Africa anymore.
Believe it or not, there has been a greater betrayal of UNIVERSAL consequence, perpetrated by no other institution than God’s own true Church! ... That Church [WCG] once stood as a beacon, warning the nation of South Africa of its impending doom, unless it repented! 
One of the WCG’s most astute commentators at that time was Gene Hogberg, who wrote the “Worldwatch” column for the Worldwide News, a bi-monthly newspaper produced by the WCG.(p. 15.)
Fraser then quotes a "report" written by Gene Hogberg talking of the divestment movement calling upon companies to divest themselves of any investments in South Africa to protest the continuance of apartheid rule. Then Fraser complains that Tkach's WCG no longer do such things.
That was over twelve years ago! The Worldwide Church of God was then loudly warning the world of the consequences of its treatment of South Africa! Where is its voice today? It is a Church WHICH HAS BETRAYED ITS COMMISSION. Today, WCG leaders say, “prophesy not.” They are guilty of a great betrayal of their God-given commission to warn this world of the consequences of its rebellion against its Maker and Sustainer, the God of this universe! (p. 15.)
Fraser then cites two other articles by Gene Hogberg that tends to speak of apartheid South Africa fairly positively, at least that is how Fraser portrays them.

That was written ELEVEN YEARS AGO—well in advance of the handover of South Africa by the DeKlerk government to the ANC-SACP. Back then (1986), the Worldwide Church of God was still trumpeting a warning to that nation and to the world of what would befall South Africa! Where is the voice of the WCG now? IT IS THUNDEROUS IN ITS SILENCE.
Gene Hogberg has been silenced! The Worldwide Church of God no longer understands prophecy as it relates to current and future world events. It is in a process of SPIRITUAL IMPLOSION! The Philadelphia Church of God is the sole remnant of that voice which once cried out in the wilderness, warning the nations of the mounting curses they are reaping due to breaking God’s laws, and the impending Great Tribulation coming upon the house of Israel for its rebellion against God (Matt. 24:21). (pp. 16-17.)
Actually there are many other COG splinter groups not affiliated with PCG that continue to believe that many of the various prophesies of HWA are true and are continuing to preach what HWA's WCG taught. PCG is not the "sole remnant of that voice which once cried out in the wilderness" as Fraser says. That is what Fraser wants the reader to think in order to persuade them to join PCG under the false pretense that only PCG is the only legitimate continuation of HWA's WCG. Why do these PCG ministers say untrue things?

After then Fraser then says that Russians are peculiarly adept liars who are trying to take over South Africa through the ANC.
As Mr. Flurry has written in a previous edition of the Trumpet, the Russian mind seems to have a peculiar proclivity to creating, publishing and ACCEPTING lies! The great lie that has been foisted off on society in relation to South Africa is the great deceit that the country has been liberated from apartheid, while actually it has fallen into the hands of Russian-influenced liberals who have since achieved their declared aim of destroying the former conservative government of South Africa. (pp. 17-18.)
Fraser appears to be alluding to what Gerald Flurry wrote in Lamentations and the End-Time Laodiceans.  I find it fascinating that Fraser only mentions that this opinion is from an article and he does not mention the booklet Flurry wrote.

After that Fraser quotes Richard Nixon, he who gave the world the Watergate scandal, and another article by Gene Hogberg to say the Russians are behind the anti-apartheid struggle in a covert attempt to seize control of South Africa's resources.

It is bizarrely delusional that Fraser pretends that Russian Communists were behind the fall of apartheid. It contemptuously ignores the contributions of the many people within South Africa who rose up to put an end to apartheid. They did not wait for some foreigners to tell them what to do but did it themselves. It is strange that Fraser seems to prefer to ignore their vital and essential role in ending apartheid.  

This is complete nonsense. What a bizarre concoction of anger and delusional thoughts Fraser has come up with. Will it get any better?

Chapter 3
South African leaders have bowed to world opinion and the strategic maneuvers of Russian-based communism and have handed over this great nation to a communist-dominated, majority-black government. (p. 20.)
So we see once again that Fraser is demonizing the ANC government as a puppet of Communists. This is just calculated fear mongering.

Also is it really so bad that South Africa's government should have "bowed to world opinion" as Fraser obliquely admits here? 

After that Fraser talks about the (completely false) dogma of British Israelism, throws up some "proof texts" often used by the COGs, then he mentions the Great Flood and discuss (supposedly) why they were destroyed in the flood.
In Genesis 6, the conditions at the time of Noah are explained. Three specific conditions are mentioned: 1) Marrying according to their own choice, rather than subscribing to God’s laws in the choice of a mate; 2) Extreme corruption; and 3) Extreme violence. (p. 21.)
Here it comes, Fraser is about to condemn interracial marriage.

Fraser then cites an article written by HWA in the October 1963 issue of The Plain Truth that condemns interracial marriage as sinful and as a reason why the Great Flood occurred. I am not going to quote them here because these are HWA's words and what he says on this matter is quite well known and been discussed before, but I will state that he condemns interracial marriage quite forcefully in the quote cited by Fraser.

Is it strange to see HWA condemning interracial marriage so strongly here yet in fact interracial marriage was still banned in several States at the time he wrote that article. It was only in 1967, four years later, that such racist restrictions were finally abolished after a Supreme Court decision. And forbidding interracial marriage is racist, very much so.

After mentioning HWA's stance Fraser cites a 1994 newspaper article saying that interracial marriage will become more common now that apartheid has been abolished. Fraser seems to think that people loving who they wish across racial barriers is (somehow) disastrous.
Such anti-God themes are a precursor to CONFUSION, division and strife! South Africa will reap the curses of correction imposed by an all-wise, all-loving Father who created mankind and set the racial bounds over which He commanded Israel not to cross! (p. 23.)
He then perverts Holy Scripture by citing two "proof texts" to claim that God wants the races to be kept separate. He does not understand that the Old Covenant was for the Jews, it was not for everyone on Earth. The Biblical Jews would have thought it utterly absurd that this non-Jew was telling people to marry within their race because of anything they or their ancestors did. Any such restriction was upon themselves, it was not some sort of universal principal that needed to be followed.

To forbid interracial marriage is hard core racism.

Furthermore once again it needs to be stated that British Israelism is complete nonsense.

After this Fraser claims that (PCG's) God lavished blessings of national wealth on South Africa because of the white race that lived there but because of their sins (he in practice means not doing what PCG says) that curses and all kinds of catastrophes will come upon them unless they repent (by joining PCG and paying them three tithes and extra offerings).

Then he talks about AIDS. He cites some news articles speaking of the AIDS epidemic. Without doubt the AIDS epidemic was and is a crisis of the most severe magnitude. But it does not mean the Great Tribulation of HWA's false prophesies is about to come.

It is implied in the way these quotes are presented that the AIDS epidemic will cause the political and social stability of South Africa to collapse. (pp. 25-27.) It is now seventeen years (6205 days) since this booklet was printed. The AIDS epidemic no doubt is as severe and terrible as has been widely described. After this booklet was published Thabo Mbeki became President and he did not even believe AIDS existed. But despite all that the AIDS epidemic has not caused South Africa to collapse politically as Fraser insinuated here.

After that Fraser begins to talk about the problem of violence in South Africa. He then talks about the Old Testament Law and for once he admits that there were problems under the apartheid regime. This is about the only time in this booklet he admits things were wrong in apartheid South Africa. Notice how he only vaguely talks about what was wrong under apartheid.
God showered His blessings on the nations of Israel by allowing the British, Dutch and French to conquer South Africa. It cannot be denied that the British, Dutch and French descendants of Israel did not obey God in their dealings with the descendants of Ham, who comprise the majority population in South Africa. Maltreatment and cruelty toward the blacks by some whites has been deeply ingrained in South Africa’s history. The breaking of God’s law always exacts a penalty. Some of the black backlash in South Africa is due to their being on the receiving end of such harsh treatment. (p. 28.)
Notice how vague Fraser is here. Notice how Fraser does not mention how blacks were forced to endure being discriminated against by the apartheid regime. Notice how he neglects to mention how violence and murders were committed that compelled many South Africans to conclude that they had to use violence in order to change things. He does not talk about how racial discrimination is wrong. That is not discussed here.

One reading Fraser's booklet would have little idea why so many South Africans rose up to overthrow apartheid. They were provoked. They came to realize that change was not legally possible. We should remember the wise words of President John Kennedy, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." And that is what happened in South Africa. One would never know that from Fraser.

And immediately after weakly and very vaguely acknowledging the injustice of apartheid Fraser tries to confuse the situation and minimize the injustice of apartheid by citing two news articles. The first says (according to Fraser) that critics of apartheid are being too harsh on the Afrikaans. The second mentions how some other African countries have degenerated into brutal dictatorships and (inaccurately) implies that the same sort of tyranny may soon occur in South Africa. That suspicion has proven to be wrong, seventeen years later (pp. 28-29). 

None of that proves that apartheid was just. None of that proves that apartheid should be allowed to continue. None of that solves the problem of severe racial discrimination non-whites were forced to endure under apartheid.

And after citing those two articles Fraser then says the real problem in South Africa is not the systematic racist discrimination against the black majority, it is black on black violence. Notice how he obscure the issue of racism. Notice how he (inaccurately) insinuates that this violence is some sort of Communist purge.
The liberal press and media, through selective reporting and prejudicial editing of video tape, have seen to it that the images portrayed of South Africa, during the years of apartheid, featured a disproportionate amount of violence resulting from white police interaction with blacks. The plain, historic, documented, undeniable, yet seldom publicised facts on South African violence indicate that violence, bloodshed and political murder within that country has largely been perpetrated by black against black! As we have previously pointed out, in the less than four years since the un-banning of the ANC, over 13,000 POLITICALLY-MOTIVATED MURDERS were perpetrated in South Africa largely by black against black. This is only part of a TOTAL SLAUGHTER of 60,000 people, PRIMARILY BLACK MODERATES opposed to the republic of South Africa revolution, eliminated by the communists in that country since 1990, as Don McAlvany reported in the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor of April 1994. (p. 29.)
Once again Fraser is trying to obscure the issue of racist discrimination by the white dominated apartheid regime. During the last days of apartheid there was indeed severe turmoil within South Africa. Trying to impose apartheid giving the white minority political dominance would not have solved this issue. As unutterably terrible as these events are they do not prove that apartheid would have solved anything as Fraser seems to imply here.

After this Fraser talks about law and order issues. He mocks the fact that, as part of the peace deal, people formerly listed as terrorists by the apartheid regime had been given positions of responsibility in the ANC government.

Then he talks about the economy and I am not sure what he is trying to say. It is filled with quotes.
Former SACP leader, Joe Slovo, danced to the tune of his Russian masters! It is conveniently fashionable for a failed ex-Soviet economy to preach markets with its hand out for Western aid. ... Whites comprise 14 percent of the total South African population—they own almost 90 percent of that nation’s land and about 90 percent of formal business. (p. 33.) 
So 86 percent of the people of South Africa only own just over 10 percent of the land and about 10 percent of formal business.

Wow! No wonder so many blacks rose up in revolt and took up arms to overthrow apartheid.

It is amazing that Fraser does not seem to make the connection that this inequality fueled the revolt against white minority rule.

Fraser then complains that the white owned big business have aligned themselves with the new ANC led government. Of course big business did that, they cannot get rid of the democratically elected government so they both want good relations. What a big surprise! Then he talks about how the South African rand fell 20 percent in April 1996. Then he talks about how many in South Africa are having mental health issues.

Then Fraser fear mongers that the ANC government will conspire to seize land from white farmers (pp. 36-37). It is now seventeen years. Has that happened? Has that proven to be a rational fear?
All South Africans should take note that of the 50 top ministers of parliament initially elected to the new parliament, 27 are current or former members of the South African Communist Party—“Godless Reds.” (pp. 36-37.)
Once again Fraser is trying to red bait the ANC government. And notice how Fraser even mentions the "former members" of the SACP. Why mention they were former members? They got out of it. Why make it seem as though the SACP are the puppet masters and then mention the "former members" as well just to make them look more powerful? Does Fraser not believe in redemption? (That is one thing that Christianity is supposed to be all about.) Does Fraser think if you join the Communist Party you are somehow tainted for the rest of your life?

After that Fraser talks about the (utterly false) dogma of British Israelism and that the Great Tribulation is coming (pp. 37-39). Then he promotes PCG, claiming the ministers and members have proven their loyalty to God by leaving WCG because of the Tkach changes. Fraser is claiming that only if one joins PCG he or she will escape the Great Tribulation.
There will be a remnant of physical Israel saved from the great conflagration which shall shortly engulf this whole world, because of its rebellion against its Maker. The physical remnant will be led by another tiny remnant—a remnant of spiritual Israel—God’s Church. ... These Philadelphians have been put to the test by serving God and remaining loyal to Him even though their former leadership surrendered to Satan, the very author of confusion. They have proven that they fear God the Father, more than mere man (Mal. 3:16). These are the Philadelphians of Revelation 3:7-13. (p. 39.)
As though all the other WCG members who left because of the Tkach changes were somehow inferior for not joining PCG and contributing to Fraser's pay. The courage of every other WCG member in leaving because of the Tkach changes is no less then those of PCG members.

After that Fraser talks about how PCG members will be glorified at Christ's return and he promises that the reader can be a part of it (by joining PCG paying him tithes).
You can have a part in that Work here and now—and in the future for all eternity—IF you will only repent of rebellion against your God and “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3). ...  Do not sleep until it is too late (Matt. 25:1-13) and find yourself waking up in the Tribulation! (pp. 40-41.)
He then offers both Malachi's Message and The Little Book. Fraser ends this chapter by quoting from Gerald Flurry's booklet, The Little Book.
“It is God’s own Work we are honored to do. But we need to prove that Malachi’s Message is the centerpiece of God’s Work. We must ‘eat it up’ and believe what God says. Then we will be motivated to act! JUST KNOWING THESE TRUTHS IS NOT ENOUGH. WE MUST act ON GOD’S WORD IN FAITH.” (p. 41.)
What idolatry! How can one be a Christian and say some booklet like "Malachi's Message is the centerpiece of God's Work"? Intriguingly these words are from the original 1995 version of that booklet. Those words have since been altered.

Chapter 4

This chapter is hard to summarize because Fraser mentions a lot of alarmist facts like a smokescreen, but does not definitively states what he really means, hiding his messages in sub-ordinate clauses disguised as speculation thus evading responsibility should anything he says not be fulfilled.

Here Fraser starts off with some anecdotes regarding violence in South Africa, including a robbery that Fraser witnessed first hand while on one of at least four visits to South Africa. (Were those trips funded by the tithes of PCG members?)

It is well known that South Africa has a very severe crime problem. In fact I would like to add another anecdote, this one regarding Syd Hull. The late Syd Hull used to be the leader of LCG in South Africa. Later, around 2005, he left LCG to join Pack's RCG. He later reconsidered and returned to LCG, but only as a lay member. He has since passed on. While he was still LCG's leader in South Africa I well remember seeing in a sermon around 2001 that it was reported that his sister was raped and murdered by a home invader. That must have been a most horrendous ordeal for her family and friends. There is no doubt South Africa has quite a problem with this.

After that Fraser talks about post-apartheid South Africa's foreign policy which he condemns as pandering towards Libya, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and Germany (pp. 43-44).

Then Fraser fear mongers that South Africa will degenerate into a one party state like many other newly independent African states (pp. 44-46). Seventeen years should be long enough to say that Fraser was wrong on this matter.

Fraser then talks about how South Africa has many problems, that many African states have not done well after independence implying the same fate awaits South Africa, condemns granting African states independence as rushed, then he says many African countries were better off being ruled by white minorities. Then he says that human nature is evil, that is why these bad things happen. Then he alludes to the (false) doctrine of British Israelism and says that the whites of South Africa are giving up their birthright letting the "ANC-SACP" (as he puts it) take rule of South Africa (which only happened after a democratic election, which is not mentioned in this part of the booklet).
One of the greatest untruths thus perpetuated in society is that race has no bearing on the achievement levels of the various ethnic groups that abound in the melting pot of the earth’s teeming billions of mankind. Thus, a world ignorant to the great realities of the promises of race and grace, made to Abraham, father of the faithful, became delirious with surreal emotion at the handover of a whole nation, South Africa, by the offspring of its founding fathers, to its declared enemy, the ANC/SACP combine, in April 1994. (p. 52.)
So it appears that Fraser believes South Africa is just a state made for whites only. Fraser seems to believe that black South Africans are too stupid to rule themselves, so a while minority should rule over them. Here we see quite clearly what Fraser really yearns for: white supremacy. That is racist.

It is wrong and absurd how a majority of South African were denied the right to participate in managing the country as was done under apartheid, often in rather violent ways. It is absurd to imagine that restoring white supremacy could possibly improve the situation in South Africa. The people of South Africa (all of them, not just the whites) will deal with these problems as is their right.

Then Fraser warns the readers they should repent and if they do not then (PCG's) God will plunge South Africa into the Great Tribulation.
Will South Africa heed? Will the Israelitish nations heed their God as this final warning is powerfully preached, published and broadcast increasingly around the world? (p. 53.)
Then Fraser ends this booklet with a quote from HWA but since they are HWA's words, not Fraser's, they will not be quoted here.

And so Ron Fraser's booklet ends.

After that there is an offer for PCG's booklet, The Key of David, and a list of addresses which provides some fascinating insights into the history of PCG's mailing addresses.

It lists Africa as being divided in two for mailing purposes. A southern section of Africa is assigned to the South African mailing address, while the rest of Africa to the north is assigned to the British mailing address. This arrangement must have ended by early 1998 because the February 1998 Philadelphia Trumpet mentions all of Africa as being instructed to write to the South African address.

Also New Zealand and the Pacific Isles' mailing address is in Christchurch. "Philadelphia Church of God, PO Box 6076, Christchurch, New Zealand". The February 1998 Philadelphia Trumpet mentions Auckland, so the mailing address must have been changed to Auckland in 1997 or 1998.


What a load of racist garbage that does not offer any realistic solution to solve the many problems within South Africa. What a waste of time. This booklet is only useful in helping to see what sad, pathetic, racist little minds are behind PCG.

Ron Fraser has done a great disservice to the white South Africans he wrote for by making a booklet filled with misinformation, presents facts to obscure the problem of white supremacy and making them scared with this sick, deluded fantasy that South Africa has been seized by blood thirsty Communists trying to create a one party state in order to throw away the nation's resources to Russia and Iran and is conspiring to steal their land and money. I feel very sorry for any white South African who reads this booklet and accept its message at face value. He or she is being cynically deceived in order to pay three tithes and extra offerings to PCG and pay Ron Fraser's income.

What a disgusting, racist fiasco this booklet is.


  1. Still, it's good to see that "a false prophet is to be put to death" is being carried out. The writers of these booklets seem to keep dying off....

  2. British Israelism leads to insanity, it seems: All the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia leaders are completely daft -- in fact, in her book, "Kooks: The Outer Limits of Human Belief", Donna Kossy brands those who believe in British Israelism as kooks, specifically mentioning Herbert Armstrong. Herbert Armstrong was a kook. All of those in CoHAM are kooks. Gerald Flurry is a kook. Evidence seems to indicate he's a lush as well. Ron Fraser was a kook. British Israelism is nuts and those who espouse it have some sort of mental disorder.

    Moreover, the CoHAM who hold that British Israelism is the key to prophecy have had a terrible track record, which is to say, no track record at all.

    Here's the booklet I would have expected in 1997:

    "Islamic Arab Terrorists will destroy the Twin Trade Towers in New York City, September 11, 2001!"

    "Based on the prophecies in YOUR Bible, the Twin Trade Towers in New York City will fall 9/11/2001 and will permanently change the course of World History! The Bible predicted this millennia ago! It is the Hand of God punishing His People for (insert hysterical hyperbole here). If the nation does not repent of its sins, a worldwide financial crisis will ripple throughout the earth early in 2008! The nation needs to repent of its sins, because if it doesn't, liberals will be able to enact gay marriages in as many as 17 states by 2014 with many more following! Your Bible predicts it! We are announcing it to the world! You will see for yourself that we are the only servants in the world today proclaiming the gospel of Great Tribulation! Believe in us! Send us money! Your life may depend upon it!"

    Or words to that effect.

    Funny: I don't remember seeing a booklet like that, have you?