Friday, June 27, 2014

Overview of the August 2014 Philadelphia Trumpet

The August 2014 issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet is out now. Let us see what PCG's leaders have to say.

Gerald Flurry has an article that fear mongers about Pope Francis' visit to the Middle East. He teaches HWA's false prophesy that the final Pope will lead a future European Beast Power into launching World War III and destroying America and Britain.

Richard Palmer (he who belittled the Srebrenica massacre as just "a crime of passion") has an article claiming that anti-Semitism is rampant in Europe and is beginning to affect European politics. He says this is a prelude to Europe transforming into a Beast Power that will destroy America and Britain.

Dennis Leap has an article about how to raise up teenagers.

Richard Palmer (he who says farmers should leave the fields fallow every seven years) fear mongers that Germans are starting to believe that Germany did not cause World War I, that it was just a big accident that European leaders sleepwalked into. Therefore we should be really scared about this.

I wish to say that from the beginning there have always been historians who have argued that one side started World War I and some other historians have always argued that European leaders sleepwalked into the war. (Even wartime British Prime Minister David Lloyd George espoused this sleep walking theory. PCG's Richard Palmer does not castigate him.)

Personally I am inclined to not accept the sleep walking theory and say, if anyone deserves blame for starting World War I it should go first of all to the government (not the people) of Austro-Hungary for deciding to use Archduke Ferdinand's assassination as a pretext to wage war on Serbia. There had been assassinations before and after in Europe but they were generally not used as a pretext to wage war. There would have been no war had Austria-Hungary chose not to exploit this assassination to cripple Serbia.

PCG members may be surprised to learn that I actually came to this conclusion after reading a history book written by German academics. Unlike cult leaders I am not saying I know all and see all, rather people need to reach conclusions about this and other issues for themselves.

Richard Palmer also has a side article telling of various right wing militias operating in Germany in the 1950s and nonsensically claiming that this proves that HWA was a Prophet and that HWA was right. There is no mention that from 1953 onwards HWA said that Christ would return in 1975 or that he had previously claimed that Christ would return at the end of World War II, or that even before that HWA said Christ would return in 1936.

Jeremiah Jacques has an article about Russia, China and India saying they are getting more powerful and we should be scared of this.

Jeremiah Jacques also has a side article fear mongering that Russia and China are conspiring to displace the US dollar as the world's reserve currency and we should be scared of this.

There is a "Bible Study" telling people how they should pray.

Stephen Flurry has a little article about the importance of education.

Joel Hilliker has a little article encouraging people to be physically active and exercise.

And there are other little articles but nothing I feel merits mention here.

Circulation for this issue is 319,798, slightly lower then last issue's circulation of 322,017. November 2003's issue had a circulation of 313,400. Ten years ago the circulation for the August 2004 issue was 338,665. So after ten years of pouring in millions of dollars into PCG, its magazine's circulation has remained virtually the same amount as ten years ago.

And so there we have it.

Why does Joe Hilliker only get a small article this issue?

Also what has happened to Brad MacDonald?

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