Sunday, June 8, 2014

Have a Happy Pentecost

Although it is wrong and inaccurate for the COGs to claim that all other churches are in error and are not Christians for observing the mainstream Christian holidays and festivals I wish to say happy Pentecost to any COG reader. There is nothing inherently wrong with observing this day to try to honor God. But I will repeat that it is wrong to claim all other Christians are false because of the mainstream festivals they observe.

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  1. The problem with the ACoGs attempting to keep Pentecost is that they are led by false prophets who espouse British Israelism which they think is the key to prophecy, but which has left them with lies. It is also the case that the ancient Israelites kept Pentecost with animal sacrifices and did not have the Holy Spirit.

    Has no one noticed what Jesus said about putting new wine in old wine bottles?

    If it were that the day were observed with Jesus at the center as the Redeemer and sharing with gratitude the gift of the Holy Spirit, that would be one thing, but to make it a burden of physical ritual as a matter of eating and drinking alcohol, that is quite another thing.

    As James Russell of the Church of God in Truth said a couple of years ago, "We haven't learned anything new in 40 years".

    We should keep that in mind as we celebrate the day in honor of the dead false prophet.