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Reading PCG's Booklet, Hosea and God's Adulterous Wife, Part 2

Happy Pentecost to any COG reader who may be reading this.

Let us now continue looking through Gerald Flurry's booklet, Hosea and God's Adulterous Wife. Here Flurry uses the Book of Hosea to teach that the Great Tribulation is coming upon Britain and the State of Israel because of their supposed sins. This booklet was first published in 1996. This booklet was later revised in 2007 and 2010. It has since been renamed Hosea: Reaping the Whirlwind. You can read the current version of this booklet on their website. However I am here reading through the original 1996 version.

We continue on from Part 1 of this study starting at Chapter 2 beginning on page 13.

 Chapter 2

Here Flurry insists that Hosea is actually talking about the Great Tribulation descending upon Britain.

In pursuit of this Flurry quotes an article written by Raymond McNair from the August 1969 issue of The Plain Truth, entitled 'The Meaning of Britain's Royal Investiture' (p. 14.).

Even though Raymond McNair was now a heathen, wicked Laodicean who had committed adultery against Christ which is the most hurtful thing one can do to PCG's Christ Flurry will still quote an article of his. Of course McNair has since passed away.
God’s word came to Hosea, just like it came to Mr. Armstrong. And then God taught His word through Mr. Armstrong. God now entrusts His word to you. It’s up to you to hold on to it. God’s truth would not exist on this earth, if it weren’t for the PCG holding fast! (p. 14.)
Flurry then complains that the British do not know that their prosperity comes from God and is too closely aligned with Germany. Britain's close association with Germany will plunge Britain into unthinkable catastrophe. Also whatever the British value more then (PCG's) God will be removed in the Great Tribulation.
Do we have anything in our lives that we hold more precious than God? We had better remove it now, or God will remove it in the Tribulation. God wants us to live by His every word—not by some idol. God wants to remove our idols. He will accomplish this either through His words, or His rebuke. If that doesn’t work, then God will use chastening in the Tribulation. (p. 16.)
With talk like this it is no wonder so many PCG members are so intensely devoted to Flurry.

Flurry then claims that the British throne is actually the continuation of the throne of David. This is a British Israelism idea that was present among them from the very start with Richard Brothers. He then quotes Raymond McNair's article, 'The World's Oldest Throne', from the October 1969 issue of WCG's Tomorrow's World (pp. 17-18.).

Within McNair's quote there is an assertion that Jeremiah is buried in Ireland.
“To this very day, ‘Jeremiah’s tomb’ is believed to exist in
Northern Ireland, near Enniskillen, on Devenish Isle in Loch Erne. (p. 18.)
Recently Banned by HWA has reported that PCG is thinking of building a second college in Britain partly to search for the Ark of the Covenant in Ireland. No doubt they do this partly because they read what Raymond McNair wrote in Flurry's booklet.

Flurry then complains how Tkach's WCG has since renounced the doctrine of British Israelism.
One of the greatest tragedies in the Worldwide Church today is that they no longer believe what used to be taught by Herbert Armstrong about David’s throne. Could this precious knowledge of the true identity of England’s throne be lost again?

Satan has the power to blind mankind to God’s revealed knowledge (II Cor. 4:4). Because lukewarm leaders do not love the truth, Satan has gained the upper hand and is working quickly to blind as many unsuspecting Church members as possible.

All Worldwide Church members should be appalled that The United States and Britain in Prophecy has been removed from print. This was also done in the 1970s. Mr. Armstrong reestablished it. We all must face the cold reality that the men who wanted this book buried in the 1970s have successfully buried it now! What a great shame to these Laodicean leaders!

The Philadelphia Church of God is “holding fast” to the knowledge of the true identity of the British throne. Only Mr. Armstrong was commissioned to write this book. And only the PCG gives his version freely to anyone who requests it. (pp. 18-19.)
This renunciation just might have something to do with the fact that British Israelism has been proven to be complete nonsense as may be seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.
Do you imagine that the [British] nation would have allowed itself to degenerate as far as it has if the British people really understood about the throne? Do you think Prince Charles and Princess Diana would have divorced if they knew their heritage? (p. 19.)
It has always been implied by the doctrine of British Israelism that if only the British peoples knew the truth about their identity then they would behave in a more morally uplifting manner. Of course once people learn it is nonsense how can this false dogma do anything beneficial?
How do we get into God’s Kingdom? By supporting God’s government and His Work. We must back and support it with all of our being. That does not mean just giving money. We may not be financially able to give very much to the Work. But if we back and support God’s Work with our prayers and energy, we will be given a place in God’s family. God doesn’t lust for money or silver and gold. God wants us to build character. One important way to build character is to have our hearts in God’s Work. Then God knows that your “treasure” will be in His Work. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Matt. 6:21). (p. 21.)
Flurry really wants to condition you to part with your money to support his organization.
And you urgently need to get behind this Work! God’s Philadelphia Church appreciates any kind of support you can give. We should all want to blow the trumpet for Palestine, Britain, the United States and the Laodicean Church. That is the way to show God’s love. We shouldn’t bury our heads or just try to protect ourselves. But we should be willing to stand up, even if it is only with a few people, and warn those we love about what is coming on this earth! We shouldn’t be ashamed of our message. We should have the attitude of wanting to deliver God’s warning message to the nations of Israel, God’s Church, and the world! (p. 23.)
Again the real purpose of this booklet and of most of his booklets is to reach out to those already familiar with HWA's teachings and persuade them to send in their three tithes and extra money to his PCG and also to discredit all other rival groups.
Herbert W. Armstrong warned them on radio, television, and through The Plain Truth magazine of the coming tragic events. Only the Philadelphia Church of God is continuing this same tradition. The lukewarm churches of God have publicly stated that they do not agree with Mr. Armstrong’s view of prophecy. (p. 23.)
The last sentence may well be true for Tkach's WCG but many other COG groups passionately believe in most of HWA's teachings, including much of what he taught as prophecy. Why does Flurry say untrue things?
Verse 10 shows that the modern nation called Israel, biblical Judah, follows in the same sins of Ephraim. The nation of Judah must also be warned. This work is yet to be done. Will the Laodiceans do this work? NO! Will the Philadelphia Church of God do this work? With God’s help—YES! (p. 24.)
Most of this chapter has been quite typical of what any COG group would say. Denouncing "Laodiceans" is distinctly Flurry's added touch to this typical COG teaching regarding Britain's prophetic future. This statement is based on his booklet, Malachi's Message But it must be stated that much of Gerald Flurry's "new revelations" in Malachi's Message are plagiarized from the writings of Jules Dervaes, specifically The Letter to Laodicea. In fact on September 26, 1990 Jules Dervaes sent a letter to Gerald Flurry in which he denounces Malachi's Message as "a direct and clear plagiarism" of his work.

Chapter 3

In the current 2010 version this chapter, entitled "Judah's Deadly Wound", has been merged into Chapter 2 and occupies pp. 25-9 of the current 2010 version. In the original 1996 version this occupied eleven pages (pp. 25-36).

In the original 1996 version this chapter is a condemnation of the State of Israel's participation in the peace process with the Palestinian Authority led by Yassir Arafat. No doubt a lot of the original 1996 content has been removed because it is now quite dated after the second Palestinian intifada began in 2000. The peace process since then has been severely weakened, a shadow of what it was before the intifada.
Is the 1993 peace pact with the Arabs the Israeli wound that God refers to in Hosea 5:13? There would have been no peace pact if Judah would have trusted God instead of men. (p. 26.)
It clearly was not because this peace pact fell apart with the beginning of the second Palestinian intifada in 2000. There have continuously been attempts to get things going again but it is simply a shadow of its former self.

Flurry then talks about various terrorist suicide bombings in 1996 conducted by some Palestinians in sometimes quite graphic detail (pp. 26-28). Not too surprisingly all that has been removed from the current 2010 version in order to make it seem more up to date.

Then Flurry fear mongers that Europe is rising up to destroy America and Britain and a part of this (he claims) is that Europe is trying to interfere with this situation. He cites a speech by French President Jacques Chirac to the Palestinian Authority and condemns it as being treacherous to the State of Israel (pp. 28-30).

Of course all that has since been removed from the current 2010 version in order to make it more up to date.

Flurry ends his condemnation of the peace process by accusing Yassir Arafat of actually plotting to destroy the State of Israel and creating a single Palestinian state (pp. 35-36). I do not know whether this is true or not but I certainly would take Flurry's word for it. Of course since Arafat passed away in 2004 all of that has since been removed.

Chapter 4

(This is now Chapter 3 in the current 2010 version.)

In this last chapter Flurry assures the readers that despite the great wrath (PCG's) God will soon unleash upon the (mostly so-called) Israelitish nations PCG's God really loves the Israelitish nations and the wars all will be well.

In the next quote where Flurry says Ephraim he really means Britain.
Ephraim’s great fault is its idolatry. The word “workman” means artisan or craftsman. It is well known that England excels in technical ability. One of their greatest achievements has been the development of nuclear energy for domestic and military purposes. Could this be Britain’s calf? Could Britain think their nuclear power will get them through another war? ...
England relies on its “craftsmen” for protection rather than God. They worship their technical ability—they “kiss the calves.” ...
Britain will soon become ashamed of its “craftsman” or experts. Do you really want to rely upon the experts? No human being or idol can ever deliver what a human being wants. Do we have some idol that sits between us and God? If we do, God wants us to get rid of it now. (pp. 39-40.)
What!? What did Flurry just say! Britain is to be sent to the Great Tribulation because Britain relies on their "technical ability"? That is why Britain is doomed to be crushed, occupied and enslaved by the Germans? That is why PCG's God is so angry?

I am speechless. I am not even going to dignify that with a response.

Flurry ends his booklet with these words.
God is going to renew His tenderness for Britain and all of Israel. Britain will have learned their spiritual lessons so deeply that God will restore their former glory. Only this time the glory will be far greater because they will be full of the knowledge of God. They will show forth the fruits of God’s Spirit. God’s Church, Britain and Judah have a fantastic future. Let’s all pray more fervently—“thy Kingdom come”! (p. 42.)
So we have now learned from Flurry that Hosea's three children are really symbols of PCG, Global COG (now altered to LCG) and UCG.

Flurry thinks Britain is doomed to be crushed, occupied and enslaved by the Germans for trusting in her "technical ability". Whatever that means.

Flurry hates the peace process between the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority and falsely implied it was Judah's deadly wound. This is a false prophecy.

And Flurry seems to think Jeremiah's tomb is in Ireland. He quotes Raymond McNair saying this is the case and Flurry does not contradict him.


  1. Say, isn't British Royal Family really from Germany?

  2. It's a bit complicated but they do have strong links to German noble families. When Queen Anne died in 1714 the British Parliament chose George, the Duke of Hanover, who did not even speak English, to be the new king. He was also chosen to make sure no Catholic should assume the throne.

    Also when King William IV died in 1837 the throne of Britain passed to Queen Victoria, but the dukedom of Hanover was males only so another relative took that role. And Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. And after her death the royal family assumed the name of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. But during World War I due to anti-German feeling the royal family was renamed the House of Windsor.

    So the royal family have very strong links to Germany.

  3. I forgot to mention this quote.

    "Members of the Philadelphia Church need to hold fast to these truths. We need to be willing to die for them." (p. 20.)

    I wish I had mentioned that.