Friday, June 20, 2014

A PCG Testimony

Exit and Support Network has released another testimony from an ex-PCG member once again showing the depravity of authoritarianism that exists within this group.
I had not been a member long when the no-contact rule started to emerge. This ruling states that anyone in a splinter group is Laodicean. Then they had some members cut off their own grown children if they were raised in the PCG and didn't come into the PCG [become a member]. From what I can gather from what I have experienced and seen and heard, it has nothing to do with "Laodiceans," only control. They are afraid of what can be found out from others that have exited and how cruel and deceitful the ministers can be.
This no contact policy within PCG has often been mentioned. According to PCG's leadership any "Laodicean" is too be shunned by PCG members.

I have not previously heard that children of PCG members reluctant to join PCG are also shunned by their parents. It is a most shameful thing that parents shun their own children just to coerce them into joining PCG.

With behavior like this it is no wonder why PCG is so widely regarded as a cult.