Friday, June 13, 2014

Fred Coulter Demonizes The Journal

Edward Malone has written a most intriguing article in the latest issue of The Journal (pp. 1, 22-23.) discussing Fred Coulter, leader of a COG group called the Christian Biblical Church of God (CBCG), and how he has been demonizing The Journal to his followers. He mockingly said that it should be called Heresies to Deceive Those Who Are Trying to Be Faithful.

It appears what he was specifically condemning was articles questioning the observance of the Passover at the start of Nisan 14 as was done in HWA's WCG and is done in Fred Coulter's CBCG.

Quite understandably The Journal called him out on this.

Although he was specifically offended at The Journal presenting a wide range of views regarding the dating of Passover it is clear that Fred Coulter is trying to maintain control over his followers within the CBCG. The real issue is that Fred Coulter does not want his followers reading alternative views that might cause them to question his authority or even leave. That would cut his income.

Fred Coulter's insouciant recommendation for how The Journal should reform itself is quite revealing of the streak of authoritarianism that is all too often seen among the COGs. It may be read on page 22.

Essentially Fred Coulter reveals that he wants The Journal to toe the party line that he sets. Of course in reality he has no control over The Journal, so instead he is trying to keep his followers from accessing an alternative source of information.

When people try to cut off people from an alternative source of information very often they do not have the readers' interest in mind. He is simply trying to manipulate CBCG members into only reading Fred Coulter approved writings and only think what he tells them to think. This also makes it easier for them to continue sending their money to him.

That is the real reason Fred Coulter has tried to demonize The Journal. He is trying to monopolize the information CBCG members have access to. He wishes to maintain his hold over them. He is not trying to keep them secure in the truth, he is trying to protect his income.

Edward Malone's article also provides fascinating background information regarding Fred Coulter, for instance that he became a minister in 1965. He left after being disgusted with Stanley Rader's ordination as an Evangelist.

Having read John Tuit's The Truth Shall Set You Free and David Robinson's book, Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web, it is clear that there was a lot of dissent and anger among WCG members regarding Stanley Rader's role within HWA's WCG. There was widespread fear (largely justified as far as I can tell) that he was trying to make himself HWA's successor and would take over WCG after HWA's death. Rader was (somehow) deposed by HWA in 1981.

Fred Coulter has been discussed before on this blog.

This post reveals Fred Coulter's leanings towards conspiracy theories. He claims that "Zionist Jews" are part of the "Synagogue of Satan" in at least one article.

This post looks at a study paper written by one Carl Franklin, produced by Coulter's CBCG, that inaccurately scapegoats Stanley Rader and the IRS for instituting one man rule within HWA's Radio Church of God. It inaccurately presents an article as though it was from 1958 promoting one man rule that was actually first printed in 1953 long before Rader got involved by Franklin's account.

Alas, Fred Coulter's grudge against Stanley Rader appears to have caused him to adopt some frightfully inaccurate views and even publish a paper that inaccurately presented a 1953 article as though it was made in 1958.

Edward Malone's article also alludes to the fact that Roderick C. Meredith ordered LCG members not to associate with Fred Coulter in 2008. You can read The Journal's article about that. Meredith's announcement may be read in the June 12, 2008 weekly update.

Edward Malone and The Journal should be commended for this article.

It is wrong that Fred Coulter should seek to control his followers within the CBCG by demonizing The Journal. He is just trying to protect his income.

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