Saturday, February 20, 2016

The House of Ron Fraser

There is very little information about Ron Fraser to be found in the issues of Worldwide News. But it is still worth taking a look.

Ron Fraser was born in Australia in 1941. He entered the world of Armstrongism around 1968 and joined HWA's Radio/Worldwide Church of God. By 1982 it appears he was based in Brisbane.

The January 18, 1982 issue of Worldwide News mentions Ron Fraser's wife helping to host Women's Club meeting.
The BRISBANE, Australia. SOUTH Women's Club had a men's evening for the final meeting of 1981 Nov 18. Director for the club was pastor Colin Sutcliffe. Mrs. Ron Fraser was hostess, and she warmly invited all to be involved. The questions presented by [another individual] received hearty responses. Theme for the evening was "Family Recreation," and many helpful points were given by [four names are then mentioned]. The evening was highlighted by a supper prepared by Mrs. Fraser [and two others]. (p. 9.)
Colin Sutcliffe was an early supporter of PCG. He set up PCG in New Zealand. According to PCG Information it was Colin Sutcliffe who devised the name Philadelphia Church of God. But for whatever reason he fell out of favor within PCG around 1998. This is mentioned in the Ambassador Report. He now leads another COG group based in Australia and New Zealand.

The December 1, 1986 issue of Worldwide News features a little report by Ron Fraser describing a rafting trip made by 59 WCG members on September 21, 1986.
Fifty-nine BRISBANE, Australia, SOUTH Church youths and parents took a raft trip down the Logan River Sunday, Sept. 21.
Canoeists paddled downriver to Aquatic Gardens, south of Brisbane. There they had a barbecue of hot steaks and sausages, salad, baked potatoes and ice cream. Forty family members joined the group for the barbecue. Ron Fraser. (p. 5.)
The June 27, 1988 issue of Worldwide News contains the following announcement.
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Fraser of Brisbane, Australia, are delighted to announce the engagement of their daughter Leanne to G. Roger Brandon of Pasadena. An October wedding in Brisbane is planned. (p. 6.)
There is one Roger Brandon who works for PCG. A 2011 article mentioned that he was a "facilities manager" at PCG's unaccredited "college". He has also written articles for PCG. He also wrote an article that idealistically describes HWA's family life.

Leanne Brandon later worked as a teacher for PCG's Imperial Academy.

I cannot quite confirm at present that they are Roger and Leanne Brandon's children but it can be mentioned that there one James Brandon who has written for PCG since 2012 (as may be seen here and here) and there is one Jessica Brandon who has written for PCG since 2014.

And that is not the only family connection the House of Ron Fraser has within PCG.

In 1994 his son, Gareth Fraser, married the daughter of John Amos and Helen Amos. John Amos was Gerald Flurry's assistant pastor and was fired with him from WCG in December 1989. John Amos was instrumental in establishing PCG with Gerald Flurry. Gareth Fraser has written for PCG since 1996 (if not earlier). His articles may be seen here and here.

In time Ron Fraser left WCG and joined Gerald Flurry's PCG. Ron Fraser wrote many articles for PCG as may be seen here and here.

His writings has often been commented upon on this blog as may be seen here. Here is one (bizarre) opinion he stated once in 2009.
One has to wonder if such a judicial attitude had prevailed during World War II—in which British soldiery often entered battle grossly underequipped—whether the rule of the tyrant who could have overwhelmed Britain [Adolf Hitler] would have produced results any worse than the present tyranny of the feminist, homophile, politically correct thinking that dominates the British judiciary. (Ron Fraser, 'Human Rights' in Warfare?, August 2009.)
Ron Fraser died on October 7, 2013. His family is still closely aligned with PCG.

(Update: February 21, 2016: Ron Fraser had another son involved with PCG, namely David Fraser. His articles may be read here.)


  1. If I'm not mistaken, Ron Frasier's wife was the former Nancy Kessler (daughter of 'Doc' Kessler). I dated her once for a Spokesman Club Ladies' Night (Sunday afternoon) while she was still in Renton High School as the elected student body president (5,000 - 7,000 students?). Her father and the rest of the family lived in a mansion in the Renton Highlands. Later, her dad went to Pasadena as some sort of assistant to Herbert Armstrong. Her brother, Jack, became a lawyer in the employ of the WCG. I think she was the hostess on Herbert Armstrong's jet for awhile. At one point, Ron Frasier was on Hawaii as minister where he was the Feast coordinator for the WCG.

    Be aware that my memory is not what it used to be if it ever was, but I'm pretty sure that's the way it was.

    And the date? Perfectly awful. I can explain some other time. She certainly had a mind of her own and did not believe that women should be subject to men. When I met her briefly after the sermon by her husband in Hawaii at the feast, she pretended she never knew me. My suspicion was and always will be that she did.

    It's easy for a country boy to be outclassed by city millionaires, particularly when he's young.

    1. I'm sorry to say this but I think this is another Fraser. Thank you for sharing this story.

    2. I think you are right -- the Frasier that I saw was a young man in the early 1980s -- not someone who was born in 1941.

      Unless I'm mistaken, this is one of those odd incidents which occur, but rather rarely.

  2. Anyone know where this Nancy Kessler is mentioned above? She happens to be my aunt and I haven't seen her since she dissapeared with her church many many many years ago.

    1. Hello Kessler by birth,
      I am also looking for your aunt on behalf of her Australian-relalted family. Perhaps we can swap notes? Please email me at
      Thank you, Rohan Pike

    2. To Kessler by birth,

      I know nothing about Nancy Kessler's whereabouts.

      I believe you would have better lack finding the information you want by reaching out to other ex-COG bloggers like Banned by HWA, Painful Truth, Exit and Support Network.

      I wish you well in trying to reconnect with Nancy Kessler.