Monday, February 8, 2016

Israeli Soldiers Criticized for Wearing Misogynistic Shirts

From Arutz Sheva:
Brigadier General Rachel Tevet Weisel, the Women's Affairs adviser to the IDF Chief of Staff, sent a letter to IDF soldiers on Sunday demanding they refrain printing shirts that may be construed as sexist or chauvinistic. 
"Lately offensive shirts have been printed with violent sexual characteristics which demean women, men, and the symbols of the army and the country," Tevet Weisel charged. 
The adviser gave examples of a shirt produced by the Combat Engineering Corps which depicts a "blatant sexual act," as well as a shirt featuring a caricature of a woman on her knees with the words, "Did you think they raped you?"
"The aforementioned shirts are part of a wider problem of sexually abusive shirts which refer to women with contempt from internal humor," she continued. "These shirts are not appropriate for IDF soldiers or any entity that respects itself." (February 1, 2016.)
Amen to this good and necessary advice. Women everywhere deserve to be treated with respect. Down with sexism.

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