Thursday, February 4, 2016

PCG's Joel Hilliker Condemns "Condescending" and "Smug" Female US Legislators (2013)

Back in January 2013 Joel Hilliker promoted an article of his in the following tweets in which he condemns women in the Congress as "amazingly condescending toward men" and women in the Senate as "smug".

PCG is for men. The PCG ministry is men only. The organization is not men only but it is essentially for men. This tweet also ignores the fact that in our society women are in fact disadvantaged in many ways compared to men.

It is unbelievable how Hilliker seems to find such a thing distressing. He needs to calm down.

What are the odds of that actually happening? Very low. So why take offense?

Unfortunately some men just do not want to see women advancing in their careers. Some men seem to take a bizarre delight in controlling women and seeing them kept in an inferior social position below that of men. Some men want women to stay in the kitchen and keep them there. It is called sexism.

It is unfortunate that Hilliker appears to have tried to pander to that emotion with these tweets. He needs to change his attitude on this matter.

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