Sunday, February 14, 2016

Barcelona FC was Accused of Being Part of Anti-Assad Conspiracy

As alluded to in a previous post Barcelona FC was once accused by a pro-Assad TV station of being a part of some kind of anti-Assad conspiracy.

Here is the video alleging this Barcelona conspiracy. It was uploaded in March 2012.

The video is in Arabic but here is a Daily Telegraph article that mentions this absurd accusation.
A state-owned Syrian TV channel has claimed that analysis of Barcelona's formation "represents arms smuggling routes".

Al Dunya TV believes that infinitely more reputable media outlet Al-Jazeera Sport was "distorting the facts" in their post-match breakdown of Real Madrid v Barcelona last December.
The clip above proposes that an analysis of Barcelona's passing movements gives clues about weapons routes to Syrian rebels attempting to oust President Bashar Assad. (Tom Gibbs, Barcelona accused of being part of an anti-Assad plot by Syrian TV with the clue, apparently, in their formations, The Telegraph, March 19, 2012.)
Hat tip to Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War by Robin Yassin-Kassab and Leila Al-Shami for mentioning this topic.

Tragically the Syrian people continue to suffer from the catastrophe imposed upon them by the Assad regime's campaign of violence and repression. A recent UN report noted that the Assad regime's treatment of prisoners may amount to extermination.

In recent days many Syrians have fled for their lives from Aleppo in the wake of severe bombardment and advances by the Assad regime. This will further contribute to the ongoing refugee crisis.

The Syrian people deserve to live in peace and safety. It is just so terrible.

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