Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Overview of the March 2016 Issue of PCG's Philadelphia Trumpet

The latest issue of PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet, is now out. Let us see what they have to say this time.

The circulation for this issue is 287,175, slightly higher than the last issue which was 286,191.

Gerald Flurry has a bizarre article demonizing President Obama as inspired by Satan, calls him a modern day Antiochus and accuses him of being Satanically inspired to hate the State of Israel. Of course President Obama hates the State of Israel. He hates them so much he lets the US government supply 20% of Israel's military expenditure.
The United States currently underwrites 20 percent of Israel's military budget through annual earmarks of $3.1 billion in weapons. (Josh Ruebner, "Military aid to Israel and US complicity", The Hill, November 9, 2015.)
Intentionally or not Gerald Flurry is misleading his readers.

Brad MacDonald and Richard Palmer have an article that exploits the catastrophic mass sexual attacks in Cologne to vilify and scare monger against refugees in general and insist that the crisis will somehow topple Chancellor Merkel. (PCG hopes Guttenburg will somehow assume power over Germany.)

Richard Palmer has a little article talking about Sweden and the refugee crisis.

Richard Palmer has an article that scare mongers that some sort of cyber-attack might cripple the United States in the near future.

Jeremiah Jacques has an article talking about Alzheimer's Disease and issues regarding the elderly.

Dennis Leap has an article promoting organic farming and belittling regular food.

Jorg Maidan has a little article condemning white bread.

The Infographic talks about farming.

Robert Morley has an article yet again insisting that the American economy is about to collapse. Let it be remembered that Robert Morley has had no professional training in economics and he has constantly insisted that the American economy will soon collapse. He also fails to mention the role of predatory lending in creating the crisis of 2007-8.

Brent Nagtegaal and Callum Wood have an article scare mongering about Iran. This time they exploit the execution of Nimr al-Nimr and Saudi Arabia's rivalry with Iran.

Their Correspondence Course teaser promotes looking after one's health but it promotes HWA's booklet, The Plain Truth About Healing, which promotes HWA's deadly anti-medicine superstition.

Worldwatch talks about the rise of the left wing party Pademos in Spain; Europe contemplating calling in their armies to manage the refugee crisis; complains about Secretary Kerry suggesting that the Assad regime might be allowed to remain in power; China's short trading week caused by the stock market crash there; scare mongers about China and India being friendly to each other; complains that the Obama Administration had not imposed sanctions on Iran regarding the launching of ballistic missiles; and the tragic flight of Christians fleeing the turmoil in the Middle East.

Society Watch condemns women being allowed to participate in all forms of combat in the US armed forces (and fails to mention the problem of widespread sexual harassment within the US armed forces); scare mongers that the IRS can now strip one's passport if one fails to pay taxes; and mentions that gun sales are the highest it has even been this year.

Richard Palmer has a little article scare mongering that the Pope is fated to unite Europe into a scary Empire which will conquer the United States.

Joel Hilliker has a little article encouraging people to use proper posture when sitting down.

Jeremiah Jacques has a little article assuring people that humanity is destined to colonize other planets. This alludes to HWA's false, heretical doctrine of the God Family.

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