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Wilbur Malone's WCG Years

One of PCG's early leaders was the late Wilbur Malone. PCG tends to be very reluctant to release information about themselves. Considering the effect PCG has had on among the COGs we deserve to know more about this man who played such a prominent role in PCG's establishment.

Let us see what can be said about Wilbur Malone.

Several times Wilbur Malone is mentioned as "Wil Malone." One time he is even referred to incorrectly as "Will Malone."

In the December 16, 1971 Bulletin Wilbur Malone is listed as a local elder in St. Louis not in WCG's employ.

Wilbur Malone ..... St. Louis, Mo. (p.7.)
The fact that Wilbur Malone was based in St. Louis raises the intriguing possibility that Malone knew Gerald Flurry while he lived in St. Louis before he went to attend the unaccredited Ambassador College in 1967. It is not possible at present to confirm or deny this possibility. 

The November 26, 1973 issue of Worldwide News also lists Malone as a local elder in St. Louis not in WCG's employ. (p. 14.)

The October 14, 1974 issue of Worldwide News mentions Wilbur Malone's participation in the opening of a WCG congregation in Mount Vernon on August 24, 1974.
MOUNT VERNON, Ill. - The first meeting of the Worldwide Church of God at Mount Vernon was Aug. 24 with 191 in attendance, including 20 visitors. Frank McCrady, who also heads the Belleville, Ill., ch urch, is pastor. The church services are held at the Bonanza Roll-A-Rama. Chairs are placed on the skate floor for the congregation with room for growth three times over present attendance. The church here was begun to help the many people who were driving long distances to Sabbath services. Members had formerly attended at Belleville and Champaign, Ill.; Evansville, Ind.; Paducah, Ky.; and Cape Girardeau, Mo. On the third Sabbath at Mount Vernon, the St. Louis church chorale, directed by Wil Malone, traveled here to present special music. On the fourth Sabbath evangelist Norman Smith of Pasadena delivered the sermon. (p. 14.)
The April 14, 1975 issue of Worldwide News mentions Wilbur Malone's participation in a night of entertainment that was held on March 6, 1975.
BELLEVIEW, Mo.-About 550 members of the St. Louis ( Mo.) North, East and South churches met at Augustine' 5 Restaurant hen: for dancing, entertainment and fellowship March 6. The church social was sponsored by the elders and deacons of the churches. Wearing chef's-hats, plastic aprons and red arm garters, the elders and deacons catered to the refreshment needs of other members. Music was provided by Guy Brown and his Band of Unknowns. After an hour of dancing, the elders of the churches Jack Pyle, Frank McCrady, Al Barr, John Biedler and Wil Malone and ministerial assistants Jim Servidio and Wayne Freeman shed their chefs hats to don straw hats and lead a sing-a long. The congregations discovered that their leaders sing almost as well as they preach. Their act was followed by the St. Louis Chorale. The evening concluded with more dancing. (p. 14.)
The February 16, 1976 issue of Worldwide News contains an announcement of Ryan Malone's birth. (p. 10.) Ryan Malone is today a prominent leader of PCG.

The March 15, 1976 issue of Worldwide News mentions that the St. Louis congregation celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary in a celebration on January 21, 1976. It is mentioned that on this occasion Wilbur Malone described the early history of that congregation after it was established in late 1951.
ST . LOUIS , Mo . - The St. Louis church celebrated its 25th anniversary Jan. 21. Members celebrated with a dance that evening at Grant's Shelter in Jefferson Barracks County Park. 
Stash, a band, played.

Display tables featured the Plain Truth dating back 25 years and more. Gerald Coleman had prepared displays of pictures showing the first graduating classes at Ambassador College, the Armstrongs in earlier years and the charter members of the church here.

Wil Malone, a local elder, gave a history of the local church. According to Mr. Malone, the congregation had its beginnings in October or November, 1951, with only 13 people. As the church grew, people from as far away as 300 miles attended here. Eventually many became a part of the Peoria, Chicago, Kansas City, Columbia and Cape Girarde and other congregations.

Today three churches are in the area, one in Belleville, Ill., one in south St. Louis and one in north St. Louis. (p. 14.)
The March 16, 1981 issue of Worldwide News mentions a chorale concert held on January 24, 1981.
The CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., congregation had a special Sabbath Jan. 24. A group from the St. Louis, Mo., church under the direction of local elder Will Malone. entertained at a social. After the sermon by Mr. Malone, a chili and soup lunch was served, followed by social activities and entertainment of song and dance by the St. Louis chorale. Members from the Poplar Bluff, Mo., Paducah, Ky., and Mount Vernon. Ill., churches attended. (p. 8.)
The February 1, 1982 issue of Worldwide News mentions a chorale show that was performed on December 19, 1981.
The St. LOUIS. Mo, NORTH and SOUTH churches combined to enjoy the annual chili supper, bake sale and chorales how Dec. 19. The show was directed by minister Wil Malone, and its theme was "Put on a Happy Face,' The brethren enjoyed such songs as "One Voice," which was a tribute to God's apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong. Proceeds from the activities were ear-marked for use in improving the chorale's practice site. (p. 5.)
The March 15, 1982 issue of Worldwide News features a little report of a performance conducted by Wilbur Malone that occurred on February 13, 1982.
The CAPE GIRARDEAU. Mo., brethren enjoyed having the St. Louis, Mo. church chorale visit Feb. 13. The chorale presented the special music at services. ... Wil Malone, a minister in the St. Louis church, gave the sermon. After services, a buffet meal was served. That evening the chorale presented its winter show. "Put On a Happy Face." The chorale was under the direction of Mr. Malone.... The show climaxed with the song "One Voice:' which ... was dedicated to Herbert W. Armstrong. (p. 8.)
The March 29, 1982 issue of Worldwide News mentions a winter show held on February 28, 1982.
The ST. LOUIS, Mo., chorale presented its winter show for the residents of the St. Joseph's Hill Infirmary in Eureka, Mo., Feb. 28 . ... Young children of the church who also performed were [a list of names follows including that of Ryan Malone.] .... Director of the chorale is Wil Malone. (p. 8.)
The April 12, 1982 issue of Worldwide News mentions Wilbur Malone's participation in an annual banquet that was held on March 14, 1982.
The 19th annual banquet of the St. Louis, Mo., church chorale was March 14. Director Wil Malone was a charter member of the chorale. Pastor Robert Spence and his wife Edna were special guests. The evening's festivities were presided over by Mr. Malone, w ho read letters of appreciation from the nursing homes where the chorale presented its winter show. Gifts of appreciation were presented to pianists Richard Stanley and Patricia Goodwin and to Jan Maddox, who designed and made many of the costumes for the show. Special thanks were expressed to Elizabeth Yochum and Ethyl Hall for providing care for the children of the chorale members while they practiced. The climax of the evening was a slide show presented by Mr. Malone of so me of the activities of the chorale for the past year. (p. 5.) 
The July 19, 1982 issue of Worldwide News. lists Wilbur Malone as being assigned to organize for the Feast of Tabernacles. (p. 3.)

The February 27, 1984 issue of Worldwide News contains a photo of Wilbur Malone and his wife Patricia Malone. The caption reads as follows:
Wilbur and Patricia Malone
Local church elder
St. Louis, Mo., A.M. and P.M. (p. 4.)
The June 18, 1984 issue of Worldwide News
The Festival office here announced U.S. and Canadian Festival choir directors (DIR), special music coordinators (SMC) and children's choir directors (CCD). Those interested in performing special music or being in a choir should contact the appropriate director or coordinator for more information. Include what instruments you play, or whether you are a soprano, alto, tenor or bass and level of experience. (p. 3.)
In the list below Wilbur Malone is mentioned.
Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.: Wilbur Malone (SMC), (DIR)...(p. 3.)
The June 24, 1985 issue of Worldwide News lists Wilbur Malone as participating in organizing the music for the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles. (p. 3.)

During the Tkach changes Wilbur Malone chose to switch allegiance from WCG to PCG which was founded in December 1989 and led by Gerald Flurry.

Wilbur Malone wrote articles for PCG as may be seen here and here.

Wilbur Malone died in 2004. It is a sign of PCG's reluctance to publicize information that the easiest way to learn that Wilbur Malone died on January 27, 2004 is from Exit and Support Network.

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