Monday, February 8, 2016

PCG Exploits Ben-Hur to Condemn African American Protesters

The Pan-African Flag
PCG has released an article by Abraham Blondeau that seems to be about Ben-Hur but is actually a polemic condemning African American protests against police brutality.
Following the North’s victory in the Civil War, the nation was still deeply divided. The Union was saved, but there were still no solutions to the cause of the war. The North and South were still two distinct societies. The slaves were free, but no one knew how to integrate them into society.
This is not true. What happened was that certain people refused to accept them as equals and unfortunately they were able to forge society in the way they wanted. Unfortunately the racists came out on top. We must make sure nothing like that ever happens again. 
In 1876, while Wallace was researching for Ben-Hur, the most controversial presidential election in United States history occurred. Both Republicans and Democrats claimed victory, and there were four states with disputed vote tallies. Some believed another Civil War would erupt, since the parties were split between the North (Republican) and the South (Democrat). Eventually, an Electoral Commission, created by Congress, decided in favor of the Republicans but only after severe concessions, including the end of Reconstruction. And yet racial tensions in America only increased. It would take decades to make any progress in healing the nation.
When Reconstruction ended white supremacy was (eventually) imposed upon society forcing African Americans to endure the horrors and humiliation of racial segregation. We must make sure nothing like that ever happens again.
America did not need Reconstruction; it needed repentance.
What America needed was justice and liberation from racism. We need freedom from racism. We need equality. We need the problems that African Americans face resolved.
The problems of racism, inequality and corrupt government will not be solved without applying the many principles found in the Bible. Emotional demonstrations against the government, or an institution, will only yield more conflict. We must individually seek God and look to His Word for direction. 
In other words PCG do not want their tithes paying members to engage in political protest but just go to work and provide a stable income to PCG. If racists ever tried to reimpose a new kind of segregation upon society why not go out on the streets and oppose such a thing? Such advice if followed will lead to a society unengaged with public affairs and vulnerable to manipulation.
Imagine if instead of protesters shouting, looting, and making emotionally charged accusations, we saw people filled with mercy and forgiveness, individuals striving for peace. 
Imagine if we listened and tried to understand their worries and concerns. Imagined if African Americans were not killed by police personnel so often. Americans deserve to live in peace and safety.

This attitude shows once again that PCG's leaders view protesters against police brutality as the problem instead of African Americans getting killed in acts of violence. The pain of African Americans being killed in disturbing circumstances are not even mentioned in this article.

It is astounding how PCG loath the protests against police brutality by African Americans. uite likely this negative reaction is inflamed by PCG's false prophecy of "race war".

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