Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pro-Assad Pundit Mentions Alleged Zionists "Protocols" on Iran's Press TV

(Warning: Link contains graphic footage of violence elsewhere in the video.)

Some wonder how the Assad regime could have messed thing up so badly that they plunged Syria into catastrophe?

Then some pro-Assad pundit in Syria says the following in a film produced by Iran's Press TV.
Protocols 15 and 16 of the Zionists theorists expound a plan that [French intellectual] Bernard Lévy-Henri and [former director general of Saudi intelligence] Bandar bin Sultan had drawn for attacking Arab and Islamic communities. (Dirty Game: The Proxy War, Press TV, February 7, 2016.)
Frustratingly that is all he says about these "Protocols".

Which "Zionist" protocols is he referring to?

Seeing these words one cannot help but wonder if this pro-Assad pundit is referring to the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a plagiarized fabrication that was created by the Russian secret service in 1898 in order to discredit widespread calls for reform within the Russian Empire by slurring them as part of some conspiracy by an alleged secret cabal of Jews.

The accusation was complete nonsense but alas, that work of hate gained a life of its own and was used to sow anti-Semitic hatred and incite deadly communal violence against Jews in Russia and its message of hate gradually spread around the world. Infamously Adolf Hitler himself approvingly mentioned it in Mein Kampf. That abomination has been a most terrible influence upon the world.

It must be stated again that that is all that is said about these "Protocols" in this pro-Assad film so it is hard to be speak definitively about these words and be sure he is referring to those lying Protocols. But if he is referring to something else I would love to know what he is talking about. What other "Protocols" are there?

If (and I must say if since the reference is so vague) those are the Protocols alluded to by this pro-Assad pundit then no wonder the Assad regime could be so incompetent as to plunge Syria into catastrophe.

(As mentioned in a previous post Press TV also has a history of promoting 9/11 conspiracy theories.)

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