Tuesday, February 2, 2016

PCG's Jeremiah Jacques Posts Tweet About Palestinian's Body Getting Desecrated with Bacon

(Disclaimer: This post links to an article with graphic content.)

One astonishing and horrifying thing about racism is that there is no end to the corrupting influence it can generate. For example Look at this tweet from PCG's Jeremiah Jacques that was posted October 17, 2015.

It links to an article (Warning: Article contains graphic content,) that mentions an Israeli armed personnel choosing to insult a Palestinian who had just been killed by throwing bacon on the recently killed Palestinian. The Palestinian tried to launch a stabbing attack as has unfortunately been happening so often recently and was shot dead for it.

So after the Palestinian had been fatally neutralized an Israeli tossed a piece of bacon to insult the Palestinian who had just been killed. There is clearly no necessity to do something like that. There is no emergency that can justify such a nasty insult.

If one can go away from the attempted stabber, acquire the necessary piece of bacon, and then toss it upon the recently killed person, knowing that it would perceived by his family and friends as an insult and a sacrilegious act against them then that person does not feel as though he is in any kind of danger. So it is an unnecessary insulting act.

There is nothing legal about doing such an insulting act. There is nothing heroic about it. If anything it is cowardly to do such a thing knowing that the deceased cannot defend himself. Even if we say the Palestinian individual deserved this it is still a cowardly thing to do, it is not a legal form of punishment and it will only inflame the situation. It will bring unnecessary distress and anger to his family and friends. No good can come from this.

And it is astounding that Jeremiah Jacques should post this while seemingly being so unconcerned about it. Does he think there is nothing wrong about doing an insulting act? Such an insulting act can only be done while whoever did that feels safe and secure from the shot Palestinian.

Here's more from the article Jacques linked to.
While pig flesh is considered impure by both Jews and Muslims, Jews are only prohibited to eat the flesh of the animal. However, according to some opinions in Muslim tradition, being in contact with or being buried with part of a pig’s flesh or blood could prevent a Muslim from receiving Allah’s blessing in the afterlife.
So whoever did put bacon upon the recently deceased Palestinian knew that it would be insulting and distressing to the family and friends of the recently deceased. He felt no sense of danger in going away from the deceased, picking up the piece of bacon and tossing it on the corpse.

And Jeremiah Jacques thinks little of this? If he thinks this is wrong he gives no sign of it in his tweet.

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