Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The United States is the Greatest Military Power By Far

For so long the leaders of WCG, UCG, LCG, PCG, RCG, CGI, ICG, COGWA and the other COG splinter groups insisted that the United States will soon collapse and be conquered by Germany.

Meanwhile in the real world.
Military spending now accounts for 54% of discretionary spending in the entire federal budget ($599 billion of $1.1 trillion). If the massive defense budget, more than $1 trillion on national security this year, consisting of baseline budget plus “overseas contingency” of $601 billion in 2015, down from $610 billion spent in 2014, and $20 billion in the Department of Energy budget for nuclear weapons, nearly $200 billion for military pensions and Department of Veterans Affairs costs, and other expenses, an obscene waste of resources, which has to be spent, a strong national security can be better achieved by investing military and homeland security spending publicly in America only. 

Instead, the current spending priorities are geared towards subsidizing much of the defense budgets of many countries, called allies, actually making up 2/3s of the NATO’s entire defense budget, in spite of the vicinity of an extra 27 nations in the association, and then maintaining more than 4,000 bases inside the U.S. and 1,000 overseas, lodging 255,000 men and ladies in uniform: 65,000 positioned in Europe, 80,000 in East Asia and Japan, 5,000 in North Africa, the rest scattered in 140 nations. The recurring yearly fixed expense of every base ranges from $50 million to $200 million, as per a RAND Corporation study; at bottom $36.85 billion for each year. What’s more, positioning military personnel abroad is significantly more expensive than it is at home: RAND says from $10,000 to $40,000 more every year, per individual.

As indicated by David Vine’s recent book, Base Nation: How U.S. Army installations Abroad Harm America and the World, that is to say, bases abroad cost as much as four times the sum spent on Social Security, Unemployment and Labor ($29 billion); almost twice as much as Housing and Community ($63 billion); four times as much as Science ($30 billion); and 1.7 times as much as Education ($70 billion).

... the United States has 800 foreign military bases while the rest of the world combined has 30. (Daily Kos.)
Oh, those "leaders" of the COGs have so badly misinformed us. They do not know what is happening in the present, much less what will happen in the future.

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