Monday, February 15, 2016

Baba Amr Battle Compared to Stalingrad (2012)

The anti-Assad movement was so strong in Homs it was nicknamed the capital of the revolution. The Assad regime proceeded to send in the military to crush it.

Here is one video of an Assad regime general encouraging his troops after seizing control of Baba 'Amr, a suburb of Homs, from the Free Syrian Army following a fierce battle there in February 2012 accompanied with deadly artillery bombardments. The video was leaked and uploaded April 5, 2012. (Hat tip to Brown Moses Blog.)
When the whole world was gambling on Bab 'Amr. And I have to say: How sad for them! The international community's position changed after the fall of Baba 'Amr. (10 seconds onward.)
That did not happen. Political stances within the international community regarding the Assad regime did not change with the end of fighting in Baba Amr.

The commander then said that others compared the battle to reassert Assad regime control over Baba Amr with the Battle of Leningrad or the Battle of Stalingrad.
God willing, we're all martyrs for the country and the President, of course. ... The will of the entire world was broken here in Baba Amr. History will remember these words for all time. Your heroism will be recorded in streaming gold and blazing letters. History will remember the valor you showed in Baba Amr. You broke what others were calling a 'Leningrad,' a 'Stalingrad,' or whatever. (5 minutes, 15 seconds.)
The Assad regime continued to battle the rebels in Homs until an agreement was made that allowed the remaining rebel fighters to leave Homs on May 9, 2014. Homs was left in the following state after the years of fighting as shown by recent footage from a Russian drone.

Alas, to this day war rages in Syria.

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