Thursday, February 11, 2016

Arutz Sheva Writer: Demolish Palestinian Villages and Expel Its Population

So far about 170 Palestinians and about 30 Israelis have been killed in this wave of violence that has gripped the Holy Land since October 1, 2015. One aspect of this round of violence is a wave of stabbing attacks by Palestinian individuals. Of course Israelis are afraid as anyone would be in a similar situation. This deadly situation is so terrible.

One Arutz Sheva writer presents a proposal for dealing with the problem of Palestinian individuals violently stabbing Israelis.
One solution to these murderous acts by young people and the support of their society is to raze the village of the murderers to the ground and to expel all of their residents to their brothers in Jordan, Gaza (or dare I say Syria?).  A Jewish community should immediately be built in its place.   If Israel does this a few times it will be in the interests of every single Palestinian who wants to live in Israel to discourage these murders. (February 10, 2016.)
The Israeli practice of home demolition was inherited from British rule and in all that time inflicting upon Palestinians has failed to deliver peace. It clearly is not working.

Furthermore home demolitions are viewed outside Israel as a form of collective punishment since others who live there are punished for what only one individual did. The innocent suffer along along the guilty so home demolitions has often criticized on these grounds.

It time for this failed policy of home demolitions to be abolished. Escalating such punishment will only make even more people suffer needlessly.

Only a political solution can end this cycle of violence. We need peace now.

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