Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gerald Flurry Uses His New Book to Demonize Muslims

Malala Yousefzai, a Muslim, has won the Nobel Peace Prize, sharing it with Kailash Satyarthi. Malala Yousefzai became famous all over the world after the Taliban shot her in the head for saying that girls need to be educated. I think this was a good decision to give the Prize to her.

At the same time Gerald Flurry has just released a new book, The Former Prophets: How to Become a King. In this book Gerald Flurry, among other things, also indulges in demonizing Muslims.

Let's take a look.
Think for a moment about the people within Islamist culture today. They are raising their children—from the time they are little babies—to hate, even to murder. Those young people constantly hear that message of hatred, and they become more evil as they grow older. They say they want to wipe Israel (biblical Judah) off the face of the Earth! What is the solution to that problem? God has a plan for them. He will resurrect them into a world that has been transformed into a paradise by keeping God’s law of love! He plans to educate them and give them all the love that they never received in this evil world today! (Chapter 2, p. 30.)
Judges 1:29 shows the Ephraimites allowing the Canaanites to live in their land. Modern Ephraim, Britain, does the same thing. Today, Muslims practice sharia law there, in some cases with the blessing of the British government! Those people don’t want British law: They are importing their own Islamic judicial system! There is no way you can live in peace with such individuals for long. (Chapter 3, pp. 42-43.)
In fact the vast majority of Muslims in the United States and Britain simply wish to live in peace. It is not fair for Gerald Flurry to slur the Muslim community for the actions of a few, especially in the second quote when he simply talks of "Muslims" as they all behaved like that.

Flurry does not preface these comments to say that such persons are merely a small minority of people. Instead he chooses to present them as some sort of sinister "other" that the readers should be afraid of.

Even though Flurry teaches that it will be Germany that will destroy the United States and Great Britain he and his collaborators are quite happy to get their readers scared of many other peoples, including Muslims. (PCG's writers also have a habit of demonizing Iran and Japan, among others.)

Alas such bigoted attitudes, like that displayed by Gerald Flurry, has caused a lot of pain for the Muslims among us, the vast majority of whom are simply peaceful law abiding citizens.

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