Friday, October 3, 2014

Philadelphia Trumpet Circulation Falls by 3844 Issues: Lowest Since March 2011 Issue

The latest issue of PCG's Philadelphia Trumpet (November-December 2014) is now available. It has a circulation of 313,286. That is a decline of 3844 issues since the previous issue.

That is the lowest circulation for The Philadelphia Trumpet since the March 2011 issue which had a circulation of 307,097. In the April 2011 issue it rose to 315,064 and has only fallen below that number with this latest issue as is shown in the figures below.

This latest decline in circulation is part of a gradual decline in circulation that has been ongoing since the July 2013 issue which had a circulation of 335,797 but it has steadily declined ever since.

As may be seen in a previous post this current circulation figure of 313,286 is actually lower then that of the November 2003 issue which was 313,400. So after eleven years of pouring in the three tithes and offerings from PCG lay members the magazine's circulation is actually lower then it was for the November 2003 issue.

Where is all the money going?


Philadelphia Trumpet circulation figures (2011-4)


January 300,380

February 304,147

March 307,097

April 315,064

May-June 322,410

July 335,444

August 327,731

September 330,232

October 332,530

November-December 326,176


January 330,067

February 333,067

March 333,067

April 334,044

May-June 338,939

July 342,452

August 340,298

September 340,813

October-November 340,813

December 341,259


January 333,214

February 331,273

March 331,130

April 329,122

May-June 332,997

July 335,797

August 332,849

September-October 330,936

November 331, 830

December 328,019


January 325,014

February 323,585

March 323,583

April 320,572

May-June 319,107

July 322,017

August 319,798

September 317,863

October 317,130

November-December 313,286


  1. Warning: The following is a spoof!

    Yes, and for every magazine being sent out, it is not only unread by the receiver, but an average of 5 other people are not reading it.

  2. Or maybe they just read it for laughs. And talk about how bizarrely crazy this magazine is.

    And I mean they are laughing at PCG, not with them.