Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gerald Flurry Condemns Democracy in New PCG Book

Gerald Flurry has used his new book to condemn democracy. Every now and then Flurry is quite happy to praise the US Constitution as the greatest legal document forged by "unconverted" persons. But here he shows what he really thinks of democracy. He is happy to praise it when trying to get members but he has "one-man rule" within PCG so he is uninterested in practicing democracy within PCG.

Here are Gerald Flurry's words condemning democracy. 
Ancient Democracy
The overarching point of the book of Judges is repeated for emphasis: “In those days there was no king in Israel: EVERY MAN DID THAT WHICH WAS RIGHT IN HIS OWN EYES” (Judges 21:25). GOD INSPIRED THAT STATEMENT TO BE REPEATED OVER AND OVER. He concludes the book with it.

This was the kind of “government” Israel descended into after Joshua died. After a certain point, nobody really cared what the leaders were doing. Everyone just did his own thing. Sound familiar?

Remember, THIS IS A BOOK OF PROPHECY. You can find Israel on Earth today by understanding this verse! What nations are passionately into democracy? America, Britain, the Jewish state and most of the democracies in northwestern Europe.

This is exactly the state of affairs in the modern nations of Israel! Everybody wants to do it their own way—whatever is right in their own eyes. THAT IS PROPHECY FOR RIGHT NOW IN THE NATIONS OF ISRAEL! People talk so much about freedom—but the freedom they cherish is really just the freedom to wreck their lives! They are plagued by wretched sins; they hate law and government. Who can lead these people into anything constructive or profitable?

This history vividly shows the terrible results of that kind of lawlessness. When God’s government isn’t in place, when His law is being ignored—when everyone is doing whatever is right in his own eyes—you have miserable anarchy.

These modern nations of biblical Israel are about to become the bloodiest nations ever because they reject God’s rule! EVERYBODY TODAY WANTS TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT IN HIS OWN EYES. THE BOOK OF JUDGES PROPHESIES THE TERRIFYING OUTCOME OF SUCH A DEMOCRACY!

This is always the fate of Israel without a strong Moses or Joshua to lead the people to God. Satan knows how to exploit the many weaknesses of a democracy to bring it down.

Even though democracy is probably the best government man has created, it is always destined to fail. (Gerald Flurry, The Former Prophets: How to Become a King, Chapter 3, pp. 51-52.)
Of course Gerald Flurry is predisposed to condemn democracy. If he had anything resembling democracy within his PCG then he might just be overruled and not have absolute power within PCG.

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  1. Always quoting the Old Testament Scriptures about unconverted Israelites given purely physical rituals devoid of the Holy Spirit to prove that the community of Christian believers need to fall prey to a cult false prophet also devoid of the Holy Spirit so he can rob them of their freedom in Jesus to transform them into evil spawn of hell is paramount to his eschatology to drain people of their money with his scams.

    He preached a sermon in the WCG in Quincy, Washington one Sabbath about how 'people have no rights'.

    He will find just how uncomfortable that is when he is deprived of all his rights and his life as he is thrown into the Lake of Fire.