Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gerald Flurry Wanting His Followers to be "on a Spiritual High"

Every now and then Gerald Flurry tells his followers within his PCG that they should be "on a spiritual high".

As seen in a previous post.
God is present in a special and powerful way on His Sabbath day. The Sabbath, instead of being a burden, should leave us on a spiritual high. This is where Christ and the firstfruits will begin to change the whole world! This is where God started working with His end-time Elijah, Herbert W. Armstrong. This is where it all starts! We must learn this lesson if we are to rule the world with Christ. (Gerald Flurry, Jeremiah and the Greatest Vision in the Bible, Chapter 8, p. 103.)
And as seen in a previous post.
“Ye have said, It is vain to serve God: and what profit is it that we have kept his ordinance, and that we have walked mournfully before the Lord of hosts?” (verse 14). They don’t do God’s work, because it’s vain to them. And they’re walking around mournfully because of it. But God wants us to have real joy. If we go through life mournfully, then something is wrong; we’re not using that Spirit the way we should. We should be on a spiritual high most of the time. Of course we have trials and may struggle at times to fight depression, but the Laodiceans have a mournful way of life. They even admit it." (Gerald Flurry, The God Family Vision, Chapter 8,  p. 130.)
I know what being "on a spiritual high" is like. I well remember when I first sent money to LCG. I was so happy. Deliriously so. I also thought that if I gave money to God in this way that God would bless me and I would have even more money. But the rush of happy feelings was so strong it seemed like such a great thing to do. Surely it is that delirious state that Flurry is referring to as being "on a spiritual high".

I did it again and gave them more money. But I hasten to add that I did not lose much money to LCG. But knowing how I felt that time I can well imagine how people can lose so much to people who can get them to be "on a spiritual high" like that. I can well imagine how one can be more easy to manipulate while in such a state.

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  1. So they admit that they are attempting to make druggie junkies for profit.

    Nothing but selfish drug dealers playing a con game for their Mafia.