Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The End of Gerald Flurry's Book Revealed

So Gerald Flurry is getting ready to release his new book, The Former Prophets: How to Become a King. However we have since seen that it is not quite so new as large parts of it appear to have been printed elsewhere.

Strangely enough PCG has already revealed how this book ends. To build up the hype before this book is released during their Feast of Tabernacles (which they observe incorrectly) PCG released a "reprint article" entitled "The 3,000-Year-Old Lamp" which contains Chapter 9 and Chapter 12 of this book. (Seems a bit strange to call this a "reprint" considering the book has not been released yet.)

Thanks to an article by Gerald Flurry (which is no longer online) it was revealed that Chapter 12 is the last chapter of this book.

So let us see how this book ends. 
These former prophets contain wonderful lessons; that is why God recorded them for us. There are examples, marvelous lessons, to teach us about God and His Work. There is so much wonderful history and prophecy of God as we get into those books. I believe God will show us even more as time goes on. But you really do have to dig in and study it. We must desire to get into the mind of God, the very depth of God. The more you get into them, with balance, the deeper and deeper it gets—and the more it will stir and move you to want to be a part of God’s Work and do anything you can to contribute to it!
And a major part of being a part of the "Work" is giving three tithes to PCG.

And there you have it. This 288 page or so book will lead up to this statement telling people to give their all, their deepest devotion, to maintaining PCG. This whole book leads to yet another exhortation to just making PCG members feel duty bound to give and give to PCG falsely thinking that God is only to be found within PCG.

How convenient for PCG's leaders.