Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gerald Flurry Repeats 13 Year Old Bizarre Prophecy of 10,000 PCG Members Going to Place of Safety

Gerald Flurry has taken a "prophecy" he unveiled to PCG members about thirteen years ago and has thrown it out to his PCG members yet again this (incorrectly observed) Feast of Tabernacles in his new book. Let's take a look.

In Chapter 10 of his book, The Former Prophets: How to Become a King, Gerald Flurry speculates that about 10,000 PCG members will get to flee to the Place of Safety, which is often said to be Petra, Jordan. Here is what he says.
A couple of biblical prophecies refer to 10,000 saints being in a place of safety in the end time. (You can read about this in Chapter Five of my free booklet No Freedom Without Law.) Deuteronomy 33:1-2 speak of “ten thousands of saints” coming with Christ from mount Paran, which is located in Petra, Jordan. The Apostle Jude referred to this in an end-time context as well (Jude 14).
God clearly says there will be 10,000 members in a place of safety. It has to mean that. He is going to come back with those 10,000. So maybe we’ll convert, say, 500 of our teenagers in the place of safety, and between now and then. And maybe we will pick up between 2,000 and 2,500 from the world and from the Laodicean churches.
Reaching that number might take a little more time than what we have thought, but I would hasten to add that so much is happening in this world, and it is disintegrating so fast, there is no guarantee it will take long at all. (Gerald Flurry, The Former Prophets: How to Become a King, 2014, Chapter 10, p. 226.)
Actually PCG members have already been waiting about thirteen years already to get 10,000 members. Let's take a look at what Gerald Flurry actually said in his booklet, No Freedom Without Law. This booklet was discussed recently in a previous post.

Here is what Gerald Flurry said about there being 10,000 PCG members within the Place of Safety way back in 2001.
Being part of the former prophets, I Kings includes prophecy for us today. It doesn’t say men. This is 7,000 people who are converted and have the Holy Spirit of God, people who know God and haven’t caved in to Baal. These are the people who will join God’s work before this is all over.
But God clearly says there will be 10,000 in the place of safety. He is going to come back with those 10,000. So maybe we will convert about 500 of our teenagers before and in the place of safety. And we’ll pick up between 2,000 and 2,500 from the world before the Great Tribulation. (Gerald Flurry, No Freedom Without Law, 2001, Chapter 5, p. 59. Page 68 in the current 2007 version.)
It has been thirteen years since Gerald Flurry offered these figures. That is about 4745 days.

Also that paragraph about "Reaching that number might take a little more time than what we have thought" is new, not present in either the 2001 or the 2007 versions of No Freedom Without Law. Is Flurry saying that the second coming will be later then he had told them earlier?

I think this indicates that PCG has not had any membership increase since 2001, or at least their membership is not as high as Flurry said it would be back in 2001. If PCG was increasing then why does Gerald Flurry present the same 

Will PCG members busy listening to sermons during their incorrectly observed Feast of Tabernacles notice that Gerald Flurry is offering the same promise of getting 10,000 members for PCG that he made thirteen years ago? Will they wonder why PCG leaders have been unable to get PCG membership that high in all that time despite all the money they pour in to PCG?

In 2012 PCG had an annual income of $19.5 million. But this does appear to be getting PCG anywhere in getting more members or more subscribers for The Philadelphia Trumpet.

Where is all the money going?


  1. Whatever happened to the 144,000? I thought there had to be exactly 144,000 people going to the place of safety. Not 143,999 or 144,001, but exactly 144,000. Has that number been changed because none of the splinters can muster 144,000 souls? Or could it be that LCG, UCG, RCG, and other CGs will be with PCG in the place of safety so that the 144,000 benchmark can be reached? And if they are will they fight each other? And if they fight each other will God want any of them? And what if some Baptists are there too? I shudder at the thought...

  2. It's supposed to be 144,000 total out of over two millenia, not just who we have alive at Jesus' return 250 years from now (not a precise date, mind you, but if he's coming back at all, it won't be in our lifetime).