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Gerald Flurry's Preview of His New Book

The Former Prophets by Gerald Flurry was originally released as a booklet in 1998. However it is now being released as an expanded version with 288 pages and is to be released at the Feast of Tabernacles.

On September 12 PCG released a little article previewing what will be in Gerald Flurry's soon to be released book, The Former Prophets. It lists what chapters will be in this book. Unfortumately because of's recent revamp this article appears to be no longer available. But it was available before the revamp and I started this article before it so we can still look at this article. Let's take a look.

Chapter 1  History. During a time when colleges don’t teach history, in a secular way, the main teacher we have is the example of history. The Former Prophets is history, but it’s also prophecy.
This sounds just like Chapter 1 of the previous version of The Former Prophets as may be seen in a previous post. This chapter appeared as an article entitled "The Law of History" in the February 2002 issue of the Philadelphia Trumpet. So what Flurry has been saying in this chapter is probably similar to that twelve year old article.
Chapter 4  Hannah. Samuel’s colleges institutionalized prophecy. Those colleges ultimately started with a family. Herbert W. Armstrong College is a family college, revolving around the family and intended to expand the God Family.

Chapter 5  Samuel, the man who institutionalized not only prophecy, but the God Family vision as well. The Former Prophets keeps building the architecture of a message for us.
These chapters sound like what Flurry wrote in The God Family Vision.
Chapter 7  Zadok, the loyal warrior-priest. In Ezekiel 40-42, we are called sons of Zadok. While everyone else is going astray, we stay loyal to God.
This sounds like the 1993 two part article by Gerald Flurry and Dennis Leap. Part 1 was entitled The Sons of Zadok. Part 2 was entitled Zadok and the British Throne. Those articles are available as a reprint article. It also appears as Chapter 5 of Gerald Flurry's booklet, The Key of David. It also appears in Chapter 12 of Ezekiel: The End-Time Prophet. Parts of it also appear as a little interlude in The God Family Vision which appears after Chapter 3.

Essentially they say, You must be loyal to the PCG collective and be loyal to Flurry no matter what. Note how Dennis Leap's contribution has been gradually whitewashed away in that his contribution is not acknowledged except in the reprint article. Elsewhere only Flurry gets any credit. Is that how Flurry rewards loyalty?

The reprint article contains this great quote which well shows how PCG's leaders expect their followers to forever do as they are told.
As Philadelphians, we represent God’s greatest treasure, if we remain loyal. ...  Saying the sons of Zadok is just another way of saying the  Philadelphians today—if we remain loyal until Christ’s return. (Gerald Flurry and Dennis Leap, The Sons of Zadok (reprint article), p. 8.)
All the promises PCG's leaders tell their followers can be easily revoked until Christ returns. 

We now continue with Flurry's article previewing his (not quite so) new book.
Chapter 9  Jeroboam, the evil king who overthrew the proper worship of God in his country, Israel. That spirit of rebellion, the way of Jeroboam plagues people in this end time. We will have a confrontation with Jeroboam, as it shows in Amos 7. Ninety percent of history is prophecy for today.
This chapter may be read now in the reprint article, The 3,000-Year-Old Lamp. The lamp in question refers to the British throne which is inaccurately taught to be the continuation of the throne of David. This idea comes from British Israelism. As showed British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism.

Also this idea that PCG will have some sort of confrontation with the authorities has been taught by Flurry since the early days of PCG as may be seen in Gerald Flurry's second booklet, The Lion Has Roared.This is an old idea he is throwing to PCG members yet again.
Chapter 10   Elijah and God’s family government. Malachi 4:5-6 talk about Elijah coming before the Day of the Lord. Herbert W. Armstrong fulfilled that prophecy.
Gerald Flurry says that over and over and over again.And PCG members will read this yet again and think they are receiving something wonderful when in fact it is what they have been given by PCG's leaders for years now.
Chapter 12  David’s throne. This chapter travels through time all the way to Christ’s Second Coming.
This chapter may be read now in the reprint article, The 3,000-Year-Old Lamp. The lamp in question refers to the British throne which is inaccurately taught to be the continuation of the throne of David. This idea comes from British Israelism.

Flurry ends the article with these words. 
The Former Prophets is a lighted path to the Second Coming. It’s a story flow. It can be used as a textbook in Imperial Academy and Herbert W. Armstrong College to teach our families. It also has pictures, which will make it more exciting for the children. I also consider it to be a wonderful tool to offer on the Key of David program.

I hope you will realize how important this book is. It turned out to be considerably better than we thought it would be because we built it piece by piece over a period of years. There are such strong messages in this book that make for good Bible study at any time.
And that is what Gerald Flurry has to say about his new book that is coming out, large parts of which it seems are reprints of what has already been printed previously.


And let's take a look at the comments. These comments appear to no longer be online. But they were available before's recent revamp. Luckily I started writing this before that happened.
Oh I’m so excitedly waiting to devour this book!!!
As noted above actually PCG members have reads parts of this book already.
Thank you so much Mr. Flurry! We are so blessed to be a part of this Mantle Work and have so much revealed knowledge at our finger tips.
"Mantle Work"? Is that what PCG calls itself now?

Large parts of this book have already been released.
How wonderful to learn more about this new book which will be available soon. It’s so exciting to look forward to understanding more about the Former Prophets and their messages especially for today since they contain prophecy. How loving God has been toward His church to bless us with deeper and deeper understanding of the Former Prophets now at this time.
What deeper understanding? Flurry has been saying the Former Prophets are prophecy since at least 2000 back when he proclaimed himself to be That Prophet. Chapter 1 of this book seems to be based on an article that came out back in 2002, twelve years ago.

At a time when man faces more and more uncontrollable crises, less and less answers, comes this book. What a marvelous thing that the Creator and Sustainer of things down here below, gives the inhabitants hope from above. We need this hope. We need this vision and satan [sic] and his demon army know it.
But large parts of this book have already been released. Presumably you have already read large parts of this book already.

The comment continues.
How to become a king – what a wonderful concept. What depth and vision for ourselves and for our children!
I am eagerly awaiting this instruction manual on becoming a king and sharing it with our princes and princesses.
It sounds like this commenter never heard of this idea before. But in fact Gerald Flurry has been constantly saying these things. In the 2002 version of his booklet, Jeremiah and the Greatest Vision in the Bible, Flurry talks of PCG members being able to join Christ on the throne of David.
WHY IS IT CALLED THE THRONE OF DAVID? Because Christ will share that throne with a very elect group of human beings like David, biblically called firstfruits. (Gerald Flurry, Jeremiah and the Greatest Vision in the Bible, 1999, 2002 version, Chapter 1, pp. 7-8. Page 8 in the current 2013 version.)
That is the same idea this commenter is highly praising. Presumably this person has been hearing the same idea for at least twelve years but this person still act as though this is the greatest thing ever.

The idea of people becoming immortal God beings is complete nonsense as may be seen here, here and here. It all comes from HWA a man who made many false predictions, most noticeably that Christ would return in 1975. HWA might have plagiarized the idea from a now discarded teaching of the Jehovah's Witnesses or maybe from the Mormons who also have a similar teaching.

It is much better to keep your money for yourself and use it to get your children a good education. You are not robbing God doing that, that is just what PCG's leaders say to make sure the lay members keep paying despite whatever problems they may have. 

That would be much better then making oneself socially dependent on PCG or wasting time learning what PCG's leaders choose to say in order to assimilate oneself even more within PCG as this commenter seems intent on doing.

Thank you so much Mr. Flurry. We all look forward to receiving this book at the Feast of Tabernacles and studying it together as a family.
By the way, PCG observes the Feast of Tabernacles in the wrong way. You are supposed to set up a tabernacle in your own home if you are going to observe that properly. There is no Scriptural reason to get in a car and go to some far away place to listen to sermons for eight days. That is not the Feast of Tabernacles described in the Bible. It is a man made tradition made up by HWA in order to indoctrinate people into staying in his following and to continue giving him money.

So that ends this glimpse of what PCG members are eagerly waiting to get at the so-called Armstrongite Feast of Tabernacles.

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  1. Ninety percent of history is prophecy for today.



    Provably wrong.

    And I've been to many a so-called Feast of Tabernacles and often there was nary a Tabernacle in sight, let alone booths made with palm fronds. Feast of Tabernacles is a great misnomer.

    Was Elijah a false prophet? Really? Because if Herbert Armstrong was a modern Elijah (even though he's dead now and not much happened), then Elijah was a false prophet. It wasn't just 1975 in prophecy (although the reference to watching Tito as the Beast has to be terribly embarrassing), it's that Herbert Armstrong predicted that the United States and Britain would lose World War II in 1943. The United States government had a bit of a problem with The World Tomorrow radio program at that time. Herbert Armstrong was a kook ( No one seems to have noticed except Donna Kossy.

    If Flurry wants to claim he's following in the footsteps of Herbert Armstrong (and his DUI was certainly an indication of that), then he can certainly wear the mantle of false prophet until he is burned in the Lake of Fire.

    The only way Flurry is going to be a king is to have been born a prince and it's a little too late for that.