Friday, October 10, 2014

Gerald Flurry Uses Book of Joshua to Justify Draconian No Contact Policy

Gerald Flurry's new book, The Former Prophets: How to Become a King, is now released. Let us begin to see what he has to say.

Did you know the Book of Joshua was written to justify Gerald Flurry's infamous no contact policy toward the so-called "Laodiceans"? Well, that is what Gerald Flurry says.
What does this have to do with us today? Probably the biggest problem in God’s Church today revolves around essentially the same issue! God instructs us to cut off contact with those who have turned away from God (Romans 16:17; 2 Thessalonians 3:6, 14 and many other verses). The Laodiceans, who have rebelled against God, do not believe these scriptures; they reason that it is more loving and righteous to be friends with such people.
GOD'S LOVE SAYS TO CUT THEM OFF. If they want to run around in rebellion against God, let them go! If we maintain contact with them, Satan will use them to destroy us! Satan would like them to stick around so they can do their dirty work in the Church of God.
That is what these physical examples are to teach us. We want to help anybody we possibly can—but if they are Laodicean and want to go their own way, we must cut off contact with them. This is a lesson we have to learn! If we don’t keep this in mind, then we will make a lot of mistakes. Now, it is possible to go overboard in the other way—we need always to make sure we are doing it God’s way.

We must keep the big picture in mind. This is all a work of mercy. God is doing this work in such a way that He can save the GREATEST NUMBER OF PEOPLE! That is what it is all about! (p. 32.)
There is more on this topic on page 43.

This is nonsense. Flurry wants more tithes paying members and he is scared PCG members will conclude there is no need to stay in PCG if they see other people observing the COG Holy Days, believing most of HWA's prophetic speculations and worshiping in a way similar to HWA's WCG without Gerald Flurry or any of his "new revelation".More more information about this draconian practice see PCG Information.

Considering how this draconian policy appears to have played a role in a recent tragedy within PCG it is horrifying that Gerald Flurry is utterly unmoved by such tragedies and continue to promote this most horrifying practice. But alas he is able to ignore such tragedies because he lives within a cocoon of power and privilege in which he can ignore such terrible tragedies and act like nothing has happened.

(Incidentally this rule does not appear to apply to Stephen Flurry.)


  1. The Flurrys haven't turned away from God, they were never with him in the first place.

    However, and seeing that they worship Satan, no one is to have any contact them in any way -- as commanded by Scripture.

  2. Agreed. And I regard HWA in the same way.

  3. In fact, I believe that Ambassador College was a supremely corrupting influence and no one who became a minister through college life there is exempt. After 50 years observing various ACoGs, I have not really found any ministers from Ambassador College to measure up to even mediocre standards as a minister.

    And it's not just the big ones, either, like Meredith, Flurry, Pack, UCG, CoGWA, its the small ones with 50 or so members as well.

    If we are to judge by their fruits we know them, we understand them as inadequate ministers who have compromised themselves and are not at all qualified to be ministers.