Friday, December 17, 2010

Astounding Turmoil in UCG

J has a post detailing the current turmoil in UCG.

For me it is hard to be sympathetic to those responsible for igniting yet another round of turmoil. How many families and friends' relationships will be torn apart from this latest schism?

I am very sorry to the members of UCG because their ministers have once again failed them and are busy tearing each other apart in this vicious power struggle. During these turbulent times the members have been burdened with yet another problem, a most severe split in UCG's history.

I hope the unfortunate members caught up in this turmoil will try to calmly, as much as possible, contemplate whatever decision they are going to make.


  1. their ministers have once again failed them and are busy tearing each other apart in this vicious power struggle.

    Amen to that! Which of these feudin' fussin' and-a fightin' ministers will be first to quote from I Corinthians 1? Or 12? Or 13?

  2. Astounding Turmoil in UCG?

    No, it is expected. As the tithe farmers reach out and steal sheep from their fellow farmers, we can expect to see a shootout at some point.

    The survivors will be those who see the COG'lets play on people's conscious and unconscious belief structures.

    The membership should leave and join a more sound minded environment. Perhaps the CG7. After all it was Herbert Armstrong that left that group in rebellion, stealing sheep and creating turmoil in his wake!

    In general, the churches of god leadership apparatus is addicted to the feeling of power, to the idea of controlling people, to the concept of destroying families for the sake of control over others lives!

    Sadly, they have no real concern for the welfare or the destiny of the people they desire to lead.

    I believe we can therefore extrapolate (I'm fully convinced) that the UCG leadership will spit on their members by the next full moon, destroying their last hope of surviving as a religious institution!
    By their actions you shall know who their father is. And it ain't Jesus!

    The methods and tactics of the COG'lets have changed over time. The COG'lets goals are still the same: to teach the next generation how to hate and whom to hate! This is the practice of religious husbandry.

    In the end, when the rotten structure collapses in on itself, a wholesale slaughter will have occurred, and the shrinks will have to be called in once again. Another toxic wasteland will once again have to be cleansed on the taxpayers dime.

    And of the tithe farmers, what becomes of them?

  3. There isn't much surprise in the current crisis, as I am also saying on my blog []. The whole concept of the UCG, from its very inception, was one of collegial leadership, which rather quickly developed into the exact same hierarchy as seen in other offshoots.

    What then emmanated was an avalanche of incoming ministers who jumped ship in the WCG/GCI when they could see things were going very quickly in a new direction.

    Authority, power struggles, nepotism, college friendships and many other things have controlled the decision-making process in numerous of these organizations for decades and that can't just be changed with the stroke of a pen...