Monday, March 22, 2021

PCG Stirring Up Transphobia Again

PCG's Joel Hilliker has posted an article complaining about a transgender woman, Dr. Rachel Levine, getting nominated by President Biden to be assistant secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. 

In this article Hilliker uses many words designed to stir up fear and animosity towards transgender people. At one point Hilliker condemns what he calls "transgenderism" as a "bizarre new idea about gender" as may be seen below.

This [a proposed law to extend certain protections to transgender people] is a weapon against anyone who does not fully embrace this bizarre new idea about gender, which goes against biology, science and the functioning of family and society that almost all human beings have understood for all of human history. (Joel Hilliker, Transgenderism: Attack on Truth, Attack on Children, March 3, 2021.)

Even if one were to believe that being transgender was somehow contrary to one religion or another Hilliker is still wrong to claim that transgender people are somehow "new." In the Indian subcontinent there is the hijra community which has existed since antiquity. In Samoa there is the fa’afafine community. Transgender people have always been around. Since Hilliker is wrong about transgender people somehow being a new thing what else is he wrong about?

Also Hilliker refers to Dr. Levine numerous times with masculine pronouns refusing to respect how Dr. Levine would wish to be addressed.

Alas, some people are inclined to portray transgender people as a threat to the predominant family structure. But how can this be? Look at India. In many ways it is a more socially conservative society than America. And the hijra community has lived within this society for centuries. 

Transgender people are not a threat to your dreams and aspirations. We should not be afraid of the trangender community.


  1. Fags are everywhere and will destroy our nation

    1. Anonymous bigots are everywhere, and it's their hate that will destroy our nation.

      People may have many opinions about others, but when they cannot state them with mutual respect, their opinions don't matter.

      Please show some respect for Redfox' effort in publishing this blog and sharing information with readers instead of spamming!

  2. I fully agree with your conclusion: "Transgender people are not a threat to your dreams and aspirations. We should not be afraid of the trangender community."

    Thanks for your effort in publishing and sharing this information with your readers. It is very much appreciated.

  3. I personally know at least 4 trans people, all o whom are Christians, AND are better more devote Chrsitians than COG leaders out there.