Friday, December 23, 2016

Mark Armstrong Talks of a Police State Against Muslim Migrants

In his December 16 weekly update Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, muses the possibility of the creation of a police state directed against Muslims.

He also hyperbolically states that there are "hundreds of terrorist investigations being carried out in every state in the Union". This sounds like nonsense. It also ignores the threat of white supremacists.
Apparently, the only solution to the Muslim crime wave across Europe, is to increase police and security forces tenfold.  And if that's not enough, then what?  We've seen similar situations arise in the United States.  How many investigators are required for the hundreds of terrorist investigations being carried out in every state in the Union?  How many TSA agents will you have to navigate the next time you fly?  Hopefully something can be done, but not without cries of “discrimination” and “racism!”  The way things are going, nothing short of a police state will be required to tamp down the threat to public safety, and that won't be airtight either.
Talk like this will only encourage such an eventuality as a police state coming to pass.

Just imagine living in a "World Tomorrow" in which one of the deified God beings ruling over humanity thinks like this. Those people in the World Tomorrow are not going to be very happy in such a setting with rulers like this.


  1. The problem is that laws are generally created after the fact to deal with abuses, and behavioral patterns not rooted in common sense. People who believe in converting the world to their religion, and actually endorse violence as the method of accomplishing this, have slipped into various countries which either have existing state religions, or no official state religion, along with peaceful, non-conquest practitioners of that religion, hiding in plain sight amongst them.

    How do we separate the dangerous ones from the peaceful ones who have come for safety and better opportunities for their families? We do it in the same way in which we separate other types of criminals from the mainstream of society. They offend, we arrest. You can't assume that just because someone is from a certain background, they are also a member of the criminal element associated with that background. The Irish are not all IRA, Italians are not all Mafiosos, African Americans are not all Black Panthers, and Jews are not all shylocks.

    The problem is that these Arab folk are all the ones who have most recently hit the news, and are therefore the easiest targets. As such, for Armstrongism, they become yet another sign of the end times, and fair game fo exploitation.


  2. In reading through the referenced article, Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS, By Kurt Eichenwald, I was struck by this statement:

    "Then there are the militia groups, whose pronounced fealty to the Constitution is exceeded only by their apparent refusal to read it."

    What seems to be the problem with Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, and indeed all the leadership of the various sects of Armstrongism goes like this:

    "Then there are the Armstrongist groups, whose pronounced fealty to the Bible is exceeded only by their apparent refusal to read it."

    If they have read it, they certainly don't live according to its precepts.

  3. Once again a good dose of the opposite of Hooray for Everything (a young multi-ethnic singing group in the Simpsons).

    Mark cites "infantile slogans of pro-... leaders", and from the 3 pros I'll go for "pro-green". Mark wants the opposite? How about "mature slogans"? The opposite of "pro-green" is "pro-red", but in this case, the opposite would include "non-renewable, unsustainable".