Monday, December 26, 2016

Ambassador College Called a "Prominent Institution of Learning" (1974)

It must be hard for archaeologists to find funding for their excavations. One Israeli archaeologist, Dr. Benjamin Mazar, managed to secure funding from an unaccredited "college" run by an apocalyptic sect that was often described as being a cult, namely Ambassador College.

On November 6, 1974 Dr. Benjamin Mazar attended a banquet in HWA's honor in Tel Aviv. His speech included in WCG's 1975 bookletHerbert W. Armstrong: Ambassador for World Peace, which promoted HWA's visits to world leaders.
It is for us a privilege that this important project is continuously supported -- technically, manually, morally, spiritually and, may I say in addition, enthusiastically -- by a prominent institution of learning, Ambassador College, headed by its distinguished chancellor, Mr. Herbert Armstrong. (p. 24.)
It is possible that Dr. Mazar was not aware of the issues concerning Ambassador College. But regardless of what he was told Ambassador College was neither accredited nor prominent. Its main purpose was to produce a ministry for HWA's sectarian organization.


  1. Or perhaps the Jews have learned to capitalize on contributors to their causes by heaping undeserved praise on them even though they know very well that the flattery is undeserved and something ugly resides underneath.

    There's no use to revealing the truth when you can make so much more money by being nice and making nice with lies.

  2. HWA apparently annointed Dr. Mazar's eyes-------with wool!


  3. All part of the art of schmoozing the donors.