Monday, December 21, 2009

A Thought About Cults' Devaluing of Jesus

I was wondering around and I this audio lecture entitled Marks of the Cults, by an ex-Mormon, at this conservative, rightist web site, Summit Ministries.

Part of the blurb says this describing the nature of cults:

They add to the Word of God, subtract from the deity of Christ, multiply the terms of salvation and divide loyalties.

(He seems to be using the word 'cult' in the sense of the Christian anti-cult movement.)

I highlight this as this is an objection often directed against the false prophet of 1975, HWA. He is often criticized by Christian ex-COGers for downplaying Jesus by emphasizing legalistic observance of the Law at the expense of grace, or for how he portrayed Jesus as mainly a messenger, as Kelly Marshall points out in this Critical Review of Mystery of the Ages.

Another useful resource is Bill Hohmann's critique of Which Day is the Christian Sabbath by HWA.

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  1. I have to agree that most do detract from the deity of Christ. Of course that creates an antichrist-right? and therefore a saviour that is not really able to save us, because only Christ, as God in the flesh(Immanuel)can do that.

    Only as God, is His life worth the sum total of every human, and able to save the entire world-right? Can anyone who is a mere human do that?

    I think if I were the Devil and I wanted to lose souls, I would certainly consider getting rid of their Saviour by creating a "false christ"(Matt.24:23-24)as He prophesied some would do. Isn't that what the antichrist actually is doing now?