Saturday, March 20, 2010

Students of Living University in Charlotte HQ

Meredith's Living Church of God has been placing students of their unaccredited, mainly on-line Living University within their headquarters in Charlotte.

Here are some relevant words from Roderick C. Meredith's February 10, 2010 co-worker letter:
An important part of this Work is its higher educational arm, Living University. Our LU students are taught to apply biblical values to every facet of life—including art, literature, science, music and human relations. All courses are based on the foundational principles of a godly education. Our mission is to bring instruction in God’s Way beyond geographical boundaries to all peoples, for “All the World is Our Campus.” We have already served hundreds of students from many different nations who have taken our Living University courses “online!”

Our primary focus is on adult learning through distance education provided over the Internet....I would especially encourage all of our young people to get involved with Living University. Our courses will not only help you lay a solid foundation for your future life, your family and your career.
How is an unaccredited degree supposed to do that? I cannot help but recall hearing of students of Ambassador College graduating after years of hard work only to discover that because their institution is unaccredited their degree was worthless. I have read people say their degrees were not worth the paper they were written on.

More young people are being encouraged to work for degrees which will be worthless because Living University is not accredited. They should just ignore LU and go to a University that actually has accreditation to better prepare their lives.

Is it possible that Herbert W. Armstrong deliberately made it that way to force students to work for WCG?
They may also help quite a number of you prepare for full-time service in the Work of God! ... So, we are hoping to have an increasing number of young students here at our Charlotte Headquarters as “on-campus” students. A few may be employed here in our offices as the need arises. Others will be assisted in acquiring off-campus employment....

As God makes possible, we want to have more of you here and build a real “college atmosphere” for you in addition to the hundreds of others taking our online courses. So come to Charlotte and be a “pioneer” in these early years of Living University.
Now of course all of this requires money so it ends with Meredith's customery begging for money. (Emphasis his.)
Dear brethren and co-workers, please remember that the financial needs of the Work of the gospel are great, as there are millions yet to learn of God and His ways—and we need to increase our television coverage, print publications, and Internet initiatives. This world is literally “crying out” for the true message of Jesus Christ and His magnificent world government to be set up on this earth.
And so Meredith's work of deception continues for the next generation.


  1. " there are millions yet to learn of God and His ways...This world is literally “crying out” for the true message of Jesus Christ and His magnificent world government to be set up on this earth."

    If not for the obvious goal of assuring their own financial security, one would have to ask, "What exactly is the point?" HWA reached millions over the course of his 52-years in power, and shook hands with the high and mighty all over the world. A generation has come and gone since he set out on his crusade, and only a very few of the world leaders with whom he met are even still alive (and those probably wouldn't even remember his name). Once he died, his empire collapsed, and those who continue his legacy are quite evidently on the lunatic fringe.

    If it had truly been "God's Work," and if today's COG environment is just a part of the grand end-time scheme of things, one has to wonder why "God" didn't simply allow HWA's death to stick the first time. What was the point of reviving him so that he could "put the Church back on track"? (If the crap was going to eventually hit the fan anyway...) What was the point of churchmembers sacrificing and praying, "Thy kingdom come"?

    For a god who isn't "the author of confusion," he seems to have gone out of his way to make things as confusing as possible. On what basis would anyone on the outside looking in come to the conclusion that any of the COG soap opera has anything to do with a god who does things "decently and in order"?

  2. Meredith runs a cult who's sole purpose is to enrich the leadership in the never ending grasp for money.

    End of story.