Saturday, July 31, 2010

On The Cost of PCG's Armstrong Auditorium

LCG apologist Bob Theil has an article about PCG's Armstrong Auditorium. It is due to open September 5.

He mentions this article about it. Bob Theil comments that,
According to the article, PCG spent $20,000,000 on this project. As PCG has approximately 6,000 members (including those outside the USA), this equates to something like $3,000 for almost every attendee. ... Even if PCG has more people, the focus on the building seems disproportionate, but that is apparently PCG’s priority.
Now that is a disturbing, and sad, thought for the unfortunate PCG members, who are forbidden by the PCG cult from contacting ex-members or members of other COGs and are discouraged from using medicine.


  1. At $3,000 per auditorium seat, they'd better not turn down any PCG member who wants to keep the Feast in Edmund.