Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy FOT, Armstrong Auditorium Opening

I hope everyone in the COGs have had a good Feast of Trumpets. I have nothing against anyone observing that day in order to please God. I hope COG followers had a good and happy Feast of Trumpets.

On other matters I'm glad that dreadful Koran burning stunt has been called off.

PCG's $20 million white elephant Armstrong Auditorium is now open. Stephen Flurry has another one of those articles glorifying what they have done, Incomparably Magnificent.

As mentioned here previously ESN reported that PCG has been acquiring other websites in order to make search results more favorable to them. Here's another site,, which is essentially a blog of his articles.

The most recent blog there are Dedication Remarks. What struck me about this post is that, unless he there is more to the speech that was not included in that blog, he didn't thank his fellow PCG members,, who are required to live under the severe terms of PCG's dictatorial rules. If true, then that is a pretty large and unfortunate omission.

But, alas, because PCG is so notoriously dictatorial it will be very difficult for anyone to complain to the ministry without running the risk of punishment. If I was a PCG member I wouldn't complain due to fear. (But I must emphasize here again that this may very well be over nothing if there are other comments which were not included in that post.)

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  1. So how can I become a member of his blog? Stephen Flurry doesn't have anything showing how.

    But I suppose I'd have to answer questions about Elijah and a Prophet. :-O