Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Letter to ESN on Wade Cox' Armstrongite Group, Christian Churches of God

ESN has published an email about Wade Cox' Christian Churches of God. It's dated September 29. Take a look. The writer gives us a very unflattering portrayal of the leadership, and also expresses concern about their expansion into Africa and wishes that there were more resources on the Internet exposing the truth about this group.

LCG apologist Bob Theil has a fascinating article about this group. Similar to Jehovah's Witnesses, and unlike HWA, this group seems to teach that Jesus Christ is not divine and that He was generated and did not exist from eternity.

If you want to see what the writer is talking about here is the group's page concerning Africa and the Middle East.

Worryingly Bob Theil also indicates that this group is prone to making legal challenges, although he presents little evidence to support this.

On other matters a certain anti-Semite who denies the Bible has redesigned his website and whitewashed his commentary section which contained some of his most disgusting anti-Semitic hate speech, so some of his hate speech are now inaccessible. But there is still one booklet up on his website which claims the Jews are descended from Turkic Khazars and accuses Jews of dominating the slave trade. Both of these are anti-Semitic charges used to demonize Jews and stir up hatred. So I think this is just a trick. He is trying to obscure his hatred but it is clear he still retains his virulent anti-Semitic hatred.

[Update: Be sure to read the comment below. Here's more on this group.]


  1. I've gone head-to-head with the Glorious Leader, Wade Cox, several times. IMHO, the man is just this side of a lunatic, and the single most pompous man I've ever had the displeasure of speaking with (if you can call his endless string of self-glorifying insults a "conversation.")

    He feels the CCG is the "one true church" and he is the only true successor to HWA and the leader of God's church on Earth in the end-times. (Surprise, surprise.) He is surrounded by the most fanatical group of zealots I've ever seen. One of his elders offered that if people would join the CCG, he was able to send their enemies "to the pit."

    Thiel is absolutely correct that Wade Cox is incredibly litigious. He fancies himself a lawyer and has many times sued or threatened to sue the people who are critical of him online. His favorite charge is that anything even slightly critical of him is "slander." (Not libel, but he mentions slander specifically.) Good thing he's not a very competent lawyer.

    Wade also writes prodigiously. He will write at length about any topic. His writing is heady and overly-academic; but it's just a ruse. He seemed to me to desire more than anything else that people think of him as extraordinarily intelligent. He's not a dummy, I'll give him that, but if he was as smart as he thinks he is, he wouldn't make such sophomoric mistakes. I busted his chops many times on his abjectly nonsensical source material. For example, he based an entire study on the history of the "true church" in Britain on the semi-historical writings of a science fiction author. He became quite irate at me and refused to speak another word.

    The CCG is the closest thing to Unitarian that I've seen come from the Churches of God. Wade believes that HWA was a false prophet and a liar, but the Apostle of his day (I paraphrase, but Wade said this directly to me). He believes the Churches of God are condemned because they don't celebrate the New Moons. And he does believe that Jesus is not only created, but that Jesus is Lucifer's brother who's plan for mankind won out with God over Lucifer's.

    Now how's that for "out of left field"?

  2. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts about this group.

    "And he does believe that Jesus is not only created, but that Jesus is Lucifer's brother who's plan for mankind won out with God over Lucifer's."

    Now of course I may not be certain about this. This is speculation. But that sounds very similar to what the Mormons believe. As far as I understand it, this may not be entirely accurate, they say that Jesus and Lucifer were spirit brothers, sons of their version of God the Father (who is a deified mortal in Mormon doctrine). And before the creation of humankind Lucifer said let's force them to be saved, but Jesus said let's give them a choice. God the Father sided with Jesus and Lucifer ran away and became the Devil.

    Although we can't take such comparisons too far. Mormons believe there are many God beings now, but Wade Cox teaches that only God the Father is to be worshiped.

    Very interesting. I'm afraid there's not much about him out there on the Internet. I hope that will change one day. No, I doubt I will do that.

  3. I've just heard that Wade is considered to be the "Prophet of Eloah" and they've removed all references to Christ from their hymns.

  4. Here's a direct quote from Wade's CCG website, bottom left-hand corner as of 11-2-2010 3:45 PM:

    "Hear O Israel Yahovah our God, Yahovah is one. Eloah is Allah', Allah' is Eloah. We will all be Elohim."