Wednesday, July 13, 2011

PCG Blind to EU's Current Divisions

PCG just posted the following tweet:
Herbert Armstrong, July 22, 1984: a global financial crisis could "suddenly [trigger] European nations to UNITE as A NEW WORLD POWER"
It needs to be stated that the current financial crisis in the European Union is actually dividing the EU.

I am sure the Greeks are very angry at other nations for imposing the current austerity measures. The Germans are bitter over having to bailout Greece. Here is one example from the German newspaper Der Spiegel:
Given that Germany is shouldering risk to the tune of hundreds of billions for a life-threatening euro crisis, it may seem absurd that Berlin is perceived abroad as 'euro Nazis' rather than as a benevolent leader. ... Germany is in the impossible situation of having ponied up hundreds of billions of euros but is nevertheless being pilloried. Some Greek newspapers refer to Germans as "euro Nazis," and not as a benevolent leading power.
How is this situation supposed to unify Europeans together and become a militarily unstoppable empire?

This simple fact needs to be stated.


  1. It doesn't move the PCG from continuing their propaganda. As long as the gullible remain drowned in church literature, they don't have time to see the world as it really is. That adds to the authority of the ministry because members are not encouraged to ask any questions.

    If they begin asking questions, it will be called "having a bad attitude", and they will be warned of rebellion and reminded of the story of Corah...

    Truly in the tradition of Armstrongism - full speed. Sad, but true...