Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Let me state here that I truly hope this protest spreads and grows. It is wrong that those responsible for the global financial crisis of 2008 to escape prosecution. It is wrong that the middle class and the poor are expected to make do without to suffer for the failing of the world market. Failings caused by elites, not ordinary people who inevitably suffer during rounds of austerity. the big banks who bought toxic mortgages, which were fostered onto people who were viciously tricked into entering mortgages that they could not pay off, just as many of us were tricked into joining Armstrongism without knowing what we were getting into.

I wish the protesters well in their quest for justice. If you can help I encourage you to do so. Spread the word.


  1. From the American Communist Party mail list we read:

    Fall is in the air; and so is mass action! Will this season give birth to an "American Autumn" (like this year's "Arab Spring")? Taking part in mass demonstrations, marches and other events can make the difference. Please commit to doing what you can in the coming weeks. As they say, "Democracy is not a spectator sport!"

    The Upcoming Week of Action
    A number of progressive organizations, unions and other grassroots groups are spearheading efforts to make the coming week a unified call to action for jobs. Whether the actions are called " America Wants to Work" or " Jobs Not Cuts," they are happening all across the country next week. Many will focus on passing the American Jobs Act to create millions or sorely needs jobs. Also see the CPUSA toolkit on organizing for jobs.

    Occupy Wall Street - and the Nation!
    Beginning on September 17th, Wall Street has been occupied by anywhere from dozens to thousands of protesters. Deemed, The 99% (as opposed to the top 1%), the protests are a call to join forces to take our nation back from the ruling 1% who own most of the resources - and politicians - in this country. Two articles from the People's World on this are: " America's kids tell their stories from their Wall Street camp" and " Unions joining Wall Street protests." Speaking of unions joining in, United Steel Workers president Leo Gerand tells Ed Schultz why the labor movement is supporting the occupation of Wall Street and its growing number of solidarity events around the country ( currently 150 other cities - look for an action near you.)

    Redfox, do you still support these demonstrations?

  2. I do. I have read how the world economy nearly tanked due to big banks being exposed to mortgages which were deceitfully sold off to people who could not pay them back, and how these big banks were saved by being bailed out by the US taxpayer and they returned to making huge profits while the rest of the people continue to struggle through this terrible recession.

    I also read how Goldman Sachs for-sore earlier than just about anyone else that the sub-prime mortgage market would fail and instead of warning people about it, they deceitfully sold these toxic mortgages off, knowing they would soon fail, and knowing they stood to make about $16 billion on the insurance (credit default swap) they took on those toxic mortgages against their inevitable failure.

    These protests are a natural reaction to these astounding abuses of power. And I wish it all the best.

    Of course the Communists are going to try to get some of the limelight in this popular movement. Being a cultic offshoot of leftism they often participate in the stream of leftism. Other leftists, or others sympathetic to the protests, cannot help that fact.

    I have nothing to do with the Communist Party I am well aware of what Communism has done to the world in this 20th century.