Monday, November 26, 2012

HWA and the Kennedy Assassination

You want to know how dependent I was on Herbert W. Armstrong? I was reading this, The Other Shooter: The Saddest and Most Expensive 26 Seconds of Amateur Film Ever Made, discussing the Kennedy assassination. (Warning: Contains graphic content.)

I remember when I was reading his book, The Missing Dimension in Sex, and at one point in Chapter 12 HWA discusses the assassination.
WHY did Lee Oswald shoot and kill President Kennedy? Frustrated VANITY! He sought status. He sought it the wrong way. America turned him down. Russia turned him back. He was a little man, incapable of greatness, yet he desperately craved to do something that would make him stand out in history -- make the world take notice of him! Even the Warren Commission could find no other motive!
In times past I had been exposed to theories that other people were involved in the Kennedy assassination. Now HWA simply mentioned this and immediately I dismissed any contrary opinion.

Today I happen to believe that the Kennedy assassination was actually a murder committed by just one man, but I believe this using my own reasoning, not blindly believing what some man from Pasadena believes.  

The great reverence one is taught to give to this man will lead people to act in this way.

I know that HWA's defenders will blame me and say that I am unfairly blaming HWA for my own decisions. Such persons hide the fact that the old Worldwide Church of God and their imitators are designed to make people believe that their leaders are extraordinarily wise and one can trust their judgement. HWA, Flurry, Meredith, Pack, Weinland, etc, are revered so excessively that it becomes impossible to question them and one is persuaded to let them decide for you.

I and many others have discovered that this trust we gave them have been horribly and viciously betrayed by HWA and his imitators who have lied to us about many things and deceptively persuaded us to support them under false pretenses.

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