Monday, April 1, 2013

False Prophet Meredith Begs for Money

It seems Meredith still has not gotten himself out of the post-holiday financial crisis he has led LCG into. Banned by HWA has revealed that Meredith has recently released a co-worker letter where he desperately tries to make LCG members feel guilty in order to get even more money from them beyond the numerous tithes and offerings LCG members are required to pay.

I remember when I was deceptively recruited into Armstrongism after a few years (around 2004-5) it began to seem slightly stale to me. I was tiring of it. But I had been so totally persuaded that HWA and LCG taught the 'truth' I felt that I had to follow the ideals of Armstrongism as best I could. I continued to be a loyal follower of HWA and LCG until late 2008. I cannot help but think a lot of LCG members are simply getting tired of the same dreary message Meredith has been bombarding them with for sixty years in WCG, GCG and LCG in the same way I felt in the latter years of my Armstrongite time. I hope they chose to continue to act upon this. Meredith is not worth their time and money.

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