Saturday, October 26, 2013

HWA Says People Are Like Sheep Ignorantly Led to Slaughter

I saw these words written by HWA in The Missing Dimension in Sex, Chapter 12. 
People are like sheep. They all follow the leader to the slaughter. But they don't know they are being led to the slaughter. They are just a little stupid. Yes, quite a little! But they still want to belong! It's natural to just go with the group.
In context HWA is talking about supposedly Satan influenced humanity, specifically teenagers, rushing to throw away traditional restrictions regarding sexual relations.

But I cannot help but wonder, is this how HWA really viewed the people around him?

Is this how he really viewed the people he led and commanded?


  1. HWA often told the church members that they (we) were sheep and would follow anything he said. He had contempt for the average church member. And, he was right about that far too often.

  2. Anyone notice Biker Bob's apologies for the Nazis on James + his website? Love to 'hear' your comments!

  3. Glenn, spot on! Ever noticed how 'sheeplike' homosapiens are, generally? Take advertising, celebrity worship, adulation of sports 'stars', drugtaking etc. Follow the leader/ trend seems to part of our psyches, UNLESS we resist!