Friday, December 13, 2013

PCG Condemns The "Communist" Nelson Mandela

Silenced has reported that most COGs have chosen to speak positively about Nelson Mandela upon his death.

Not Flurry's PCG however. PCG has released a Trumpet Daily video entitled The Truth about Nelson Mandela and South Africa, in which Stephen Flurry presents a message regarding Nelson Mandela.
Amid all the praise for the former president of the “Rainbow Nation,” virtually nothing is said about his links to Communism—or the disastrous state of South Africa today.
As the world celebrates Nelson Mandela’s role in ending Apartheid in South Africa, few people are telling the truth about his disturbing ties to Communism and acts of terrorism. Fewer still are telling the truth about South Africa today—a nation worse off than it was when it was governed by the United Kingdom. 
Pretends that the problems of present day South Africa are being ignored. Claims Mandela has been bolstered by a "fake biography that's been written by Western officials about Nelson Mandela. A story that leaves out so much of the truth. A story that really tells a few lies."  (4:50.)

Stephen Flurry says Mandela had links with Communism. He tries to demonize him by citing comments Nelson Mandela made towards Communist Cuba and Yasser Arafat.

Stephen Flurry then cites an article that says Mandela was a Communist. (8-9 minutes.)
After citing the article Stephen Flurry says, "So he was a good Communist. Not quite as brutal as Mugabe, or maybe his successors in South Africa today". (9:37-9:44.)

Those are his words. Not those of the article he cites.

Never mind that Nelson Mandela was not in the Communist Party. He was in the African National Congress. Never mind that opposition parties operate freely in South Africa. At present they are unable to gain power (because more people vote ANC) but they can operate as they please.

Labels the ANC as a terrorist organization. Never mind that it started up as a political party way back in the 1910s long before Nelson Mandela. This only demonstrates how ignorant this presentation is.

Wealth redistributed to a few blacks. (15:40)

Denounces violence against white farmers as genocide. (18:30)

First mention of the Bible. (19:00)

Uses false teaching of British Israelism to claim the genocide against white farmers was prophesied in the Bible. (21-22 minutes.)

Mocks respect for Mandela on the occasion of his passing as an idolatrous search for a savior when people should cling to (PCG's version of) Jesus Christ.

So as we can see, although even the other COGs have chosen to be circumspect and respect PCG has chosen to simply label him a Communist.

(Also I find Stephen Flurry's speaking not very well done and somewhat odd. His speaking manner did not impress me. Just watch for yourself to understand what I mean.)

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  1. "Mocks respect for Mandela on the occasion of his passing as an idolatrous search for a savior when people should cling to (PCG's version of) Jesus Christ."

    Hypocritical really, considering the PCG worships Herbert Armstrong on a daily basis. They don't cling to Jesus at all.