Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mark Armstrong's May 25, 2018 Update

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, grandson of HWA, has released another update (May 25, 2018). This was posted after he took a week off due to Pentecost.

Let's see what he has to say.

This week he uses his weekly update to once again defend and justify his preferred president as he so often does. This time he accuses the mainstream media of being gleeful about the recent cancellation of the proposed summit between the leaders of the United States and North Korea.
Greetings from Tyler, 
Mainstream media outlets have scarcely been able to control their excitement over the hiccup in plans for the President to meet with Kim Jong-un. It seems they'd rather have the public in fear of the prospect of war than suffer the pain of having to report what would clearly be a triumphant outcome.
As so often the case in Mark Armstrong's opinion his preferred president bears no blame for the recent problem.
After upbeat consultations with Secretary of State Pompeo and the release the three American prisoners back to the U. S. North Korea's diplomats stood up an advance planning delegation for the scheduled June 12th summit. So, President Trump abruptly called the meeting off in a cordially worded letter, which showed a willingness to resume communications at any time.
He mentions the recent demolition.
Meanwhile the North Koreans made a show of exploding tunnels purportedly essential to their nuclear test facility in front of a cast of international journalists. According to an eyewitness journalist they even blew up two or three buildings associated with the facility, at the same time declining access to nuclear inspectors.
He then scare mongers about China.
The summit appears to be off, at least for now. This comes at a time when tensions are reportedly rising with China over trade and tariffs, in addition to military concerns in the South China Sea. China is also demanding airlines refer to Taiwan as Chinese territory, and they're complying. Some believe that China holds the key to North Korea's cooperation in nuclear discussions, and the whole thing may be more complicated than we'd like.
He then discusses the recent massacre in Santa Fe.
The school shooting in the Houston suburb of Santa Fe rocked the conscience of the whole nation again last week. This time the perpetrator used a revolver and a shotgun rather than a high capacity semi-auto, so the usual demands for gun laws have been somewhat muted.
He then discusses an act of violence in Portland.
Early reports today indicate that an intentional attempt at vehicular homicide has occurred in Portland, OR. Three were run down on a sidewalk near university facilities with one reported to be in critical condition. A witness said he heard a scream before a mid-sized SUV gunned it's motor and steered toward him. Here's a quote from the local outlet. “Christopher Bond told The Oregonian/OregonLive that he was nearly hit by the vehicle and said the driver 'gunned the motor' as it sped toward him after already hitting three people. Bond, 48, said he was sitting outside of the Starbucks at Southwest Sixth and Mill drinking a coffee when he heard a scream. He looked up the street and saw the SUV coming towards him. He jumped up and stood against the brick wall next to the tables as the driver made for him. 'Another half-foot more, he would’ve clipped me,' Bond said.”
He once again promotes doubt of mainstream media sources among his followers.
Maybe we'll get further detail on this, unless it doesn't fit the mainstream narrative. In that case it may be similar to the recent incident in Toronto, which disappeared out of the news almost immediately.
He uses Memorial Day to condemn "would-be revolutionaries and dejected socialists."
Here in the U. S. we've arrived at the beginning of the Memorial Day holiday which will feature many ceremonies around the country, honoring heroes and those who have served their country honorably. It will be a tough bone to swallow for many would-be revolutionaries and dejected socialists. The idea of American patriotism is something they just can't stomach, particularly in the era of the Trump presidency, which they've sought to end prematurely.
He then continues his condemnation of those opposed to his preferred president.
Maybe you were given the explanation trotted out many times during the past administration. It went like this. Even if lasting damage was being done on a number of fronts, diplomatically, economically and socially, it must have been “God's will.” In an environment of abject hatred and disdain directed toward the Trump presidency, that's one argument that has yet to surface, at least among the critics.
He ends his missive with a religious paean to the founders of the United States even though they did not share Mark Armstrong's religious beliefs.
We believe that God had His Hand in the formation of the United States, that it was part of His plan, and so did the Founding Fathers. That much is clear from their own writings and statements, numerous of which will appear in the pages of the next TCW under preparation. We are happy to bestow honor and respect upon those who put their lives on the line for the benefit of freedom and liberty, making possible the infinite blessings we enjoy in this land, and thank God for them.
Mark Armstrong
He then adds a postscript discussing the services for Pentecost.
P. S. Last weekend we attended the Sabbath and Pentecost with those who came to Land Between the Lakes. A big fishing tournament was underway on the same property, so there was more traffic and activity than usual. But our meetings, workshops and catered dinner went off without a hitch, and everyone seemed to be happy and appreciative. Our thanks to Dr. James Ricks and his wife Natalie for their work in planning and the conduct of an enjoyable Pentecost weekend.
And he ends with a call for prayers for a member suffering a physical ailment.
Please say a prayer for Wilma Gilbert who was so instrumental in our organization. She is retired but suffering recurring leg pain.
It is to be wondered why it is that Mark Armstrong chooses to talk about politics while devoting so little time in his weekly updates discussing the events concerning the organization he leads.


  1. statement of John Adams that:
    “As the government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion–as it has itself no character of enmity against the law, religion, or tranquility of Musselmen…”

  2. I’m just so proud of Starbucks and ABC for upholding the real values of our country rather than the “values” Mark espouses.