Friday, January 2, 2009

Why This Blog Had To Made

From early 2000 until just last October I was a believer in Armstrongism. My specific allegiance was to the Living Church of God led by Roderick C. Meredith. Beginning last October I have come to the sad realization that I was tricked into believing Armstrongism and that it is little more than a mind control cult. After discovering it was false I have felt a terrible disappointment as this cult's teachings have caused me to place many unnecessary burdens upon those closest to me (particularly in regard to food) and I had been trying to conform myself to impossible ideals in vain. Because I finally was willing to start thinking for myself I discovered that God could not have possibly have worked with Herbert W. Armstrong or his successors, including Roderick C. Meredith, all my sacrifices to raise myself up to their ideals were in vain. I been following a false prophet. A dead end. May anyone thinking of embracing this religion think again and avoid the terrible waste of effort that I went through.

Although my experience has been bad I only embraced this religion from a distance, by reading of it. I never attended a church. I have not lost much materially because of them, unlike many others out there. I never met anyone else who embraced Armstrongism so I personally faced no social pressures within the church. Alas, many others, many of you, have lost much more because of this deceptive cult.

Discovering the falsity of my deeply cherished belief in Armstrongism I feel it is my duty to try and warn anyone out there about this religion. My plan is to relate certain experiences about this religion in the hope that I may be of help to any reader out there, particularly my own experience with LCG to add in my own five cents worth to the many excellent critiques of Armstrongism around.


  1. The Sabbatarian movement is much broader than "Armstrongism"--a tiny section of about 600 groups.

    There are Seventh Day Adventists, every manner of Messianic Jewish groups and Sacred Name groups. If you want to continue to observe the Sabbath and holy days, you can do so with many of Messianic groups.

    Observing the Jewish festivals is a good way to identify with Israel and the Jewish people and even if you reach the position that you do not theologically agree with them, I would encourage you to continue to observe them in some way to identify with the Holy Land.

  2. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, eh, Robert?

    Make up your own mind, "redfox". There are lots of commenters on these blogs who will with one side of their mouth condemn armstrongism, and with the other side, try to convince you that their way is the actual real truth, and everyone else had you suckered.

    Not all that glitters is gold, and when it comes to the ex-WCG/LCG/UCG/whatever community, it is doubly important to remember that.

  3. Redfox, my best wishes to you in your path to the liberation of your mind. I will make no attempt to steer you. I will only state that I grew up fundamentalist, and became an Armstrongist in my early teens. I was, along with several of my family members, a loyal Armstrongist for some years, and was a student at AC-Pasadena in the early/mid-1970s. Then I became interested in other ideas that challenged my old beliefs, particularly the idea that some person or persons have some divine right to control me. I left the WCG in late 1977, although psychologically I was still umbilically bound to Armstrongism for some years to come.

    When I finally REALLY began my liberation, I was astounded at the wealth of ideas to be found across human cultures. And I was amazed at the "incredible lightness of being" that comes from feeling free to actually think for myself.

    I will make no claim as to what is "right" or "true" when it comes to religion (if any of it is). Perhaps most people in the world would more-or-less agree that if one is open-hearted and trying to live a good, just life showing concern for others, that whatever is "out there" in control will show benevolence and approval. Perhaps Calvinists and some others will disagree, but I have a much more hopeful perspective.

    No matter what direction your research and study and meditation takes you, always keep foremost the Golden Rule. It is the way in which humans can best live in this world. The rest is up to..God? Goddess? Brahman? Ye gods? Whatever.

    By the way: I still have close family members in Meredith's church, and would love to see them leave it. But there you go!

  4. Congrats on your exit, RF!
    Can't say that enough.

    Nor can I say enough that some people from the former Armstrong blogs are here for you. Not all of them. But definitely come of them.