Thursday, July 2, 2009

How HWA Learned to Discredit All Competition?

This is from the Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, Chapter 7:
I took the job that appeared, at the time, to be most promising. It was with the Benjamin Piano Company, selling pianos. I devoted a month or two in determined effort, and never sold a single piano!...

I managed to get pianos in many houses, on trial, and never sold a piano!...

I soon found that our competitors also had piano teachers working for them! I knew, of course, that our store paid a commission to their piano teachers if the sale was made. What I didn't know was that our competitors paid a commission to their teachers if they could knock the sale of a Benjamin piano, once it had been moved into a home on trial.

When I called back at a home a few days after placing a trial piano in it, I usually found the woman angry.

"Why did you talk me into letting you bring that old tin pan into my home?" she would demand. "....Miss Anderson is a music teacher, and she happened to call on us, and she tried out this piano and told us it was no good!"....

That kind of competition seemed to me so absolutely rotten, foul, and unfair I simply refused flatly to try to combat it. Getting a local music teacher to recommend a good piano, which I knew was worth recommending, and paying her a commission, seemed legitimate. But employing a teacher to go into homes and lie about competitors' pianos was a dishonest method I refused to engage in. Instead I permitted disgust and resentment to discourage me on the entire dirty business.
I cannot help wondering if this was how HWA learned to discredit all other religions when preaching Armstrongism.

What a hypocrite this man was. He condemns these competing music teachers for discrediting his pianos yet he spent about half a century illegitimately discrediting all the other forms of Christianity out there in order to gain a following of triple tithe payers who follow his faith which was just whatever HWA picked and chose. That was his commission for illegitimately discrediting Christianity.

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