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Kingdom of the Cults (1984) Armstrongism Bibliography

I have read what Walter Martin's The Kingdom of the Cults had to say about Armstrongism in both the 1984 and 2005 editions. I actually preferred the 2005 entry, as it mentioned some of the many false prophecies made by HWA, which are not mentioned in the 1984 version. The 1984 account of Armstrongism is mainly focused on doctrinal issues, critiquing British-Israelism, Armstrongism's understanding of the nature of God, Jesus' incarnation, etc.

But one thing really irritated me in the 2005 edition. If I recall correctly, aside from footnotes of some old Plain Truth issues, it only refers the interested reader to a few books on this topic which are all written from a very pro-new WCG/GCI perspective. Thus the interested researcher in Armstrongism, reading this book, is only referred to WCG's and their supporters' side of the story.

This is in great contrast with the 1984 edition which mentioned many resources on Armstrongism in its bibliography, though doubtless many are now extremely difficult to find. Hence here is the bibliography of the 1984 edition. Since they are not using it someone might as well find some use for it.


Ambassador Report
. P.O. Box 4068, Pasadena 91106.

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