Monday, October 19, 2009

Creepy Watchtower Tales

Just heard about a guy who studied with Jehovah's Witnesses thirty years ago and then after a terrible tragedy struck he began studying with them again. ('Schoolroom Massacre—Comfort in the Aftermath,' Watchtower, December 1, 2009.)

In another example I read of this Vietnam War vet who became acquainted with a lady Jehovah's Witness who introduced him to the cult. He had never heard of them before. ('How I Lost My Love for War,' Awake!, December, 2009.)

These stories just chill my heart.

These stories show how important it is to study cults and understand how they operate and understand that organizations such as the Watchtower Society or the Armstrongite Churches of God simply do not have any access to God.


  1. The WCG came out of the adventist system, of which the Jehovah's Witnesses is only one. There are Seventh Day Adventists, Church of God/Seventh Day/ Branch Davidians/ Christadelphians/ etc., all claiming some special calling of God, and they are deceptive and destructive to that important one on one relationship with Christ and the individual.

    They all were the offspring of Millerism, and the false prophecies regarding the second advent of Christ.

    Yes, it pays to research the system, because you will miss the facts regarding the underlying foundation of these false systems if you allow them to drag you and your family into their abusive cults.