Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

Here are some fairly random COG related thoughts.

1) I recall that in Michael Barkun's book, Religion and the Racist Right, it is related that "Christian Identity", a virulently racist offshoot of British-Israelism, has another similarity to Armstrongism. Identity denies that there will be a rapture, just like Armstrongism. I do not know what to make of this.

2) ESN has just released some correspondence from a UCG member and their responses. A typical COG defender who insensitively glosses the extremely abusive behavior that occurs within the COGs.

3) Reading xHWA's article reminded me of something I read. In that booklet Hoeh said that the 1260 years of persecution upon the 'True Church' began in 325. In his (highly suspect) account it is after this Council that 'God's True Church' is driven underground by the 'Beast,' the Roman Empire.

When I first watched Tomorrow's World Meredith mentioned the woman ('God's True Church') being in the wilderness for 1260 days (years). But he said those years corresponded with the revival of the Roman Empire (554-1814) not from 325. So apparently the 'revived Roman Empire' was persecuting 'God's True Church' the entire 1260 years, even though according to their own 'history,' the 'True Church' had since moved to America, far away from the alleged Beast Power, according to Meredith.


  1. Yes, RF. Merideth is confirmed by Herbert Armstrong's booklet "Who is the Beast", where it does assign the 1,260 to the Holy Roman Empire. "Who is the Beast" came out in 1960, and Hoeh's "True History of the True Church" came out in 1959. TWO different interpretations of the same 1,260 year prophecy from the same men at the same time.
    I COMMEND you on your paying attention to these details!!!

    I'll have a post on that coming up. But do a search on the start and end dates of the Holy Roman Empire and you'll see that it didn't start in 554, nor did it end in 1814. ;)

    And you're right about the "true church" coming to America and to safety out of the reach of that "persecution". Steven Mumford is said to be the one who caused that, and he came to America in 1664 (if I remember right). That shaves a few hundred years off the number, eh?

  2. Thanks for the compliment, xHWA. I'm glad you found this post helpful.