Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nimrod and Semiramis

I well remember when I first read The Plain Truth about Christmas booklet by HWA. That was when I first read about HWA's Nimrod story. I was amazed with the knowledge of Nimrod HWA produced. He boldly proclaimed to me that Nimrod had married his own mother, a woman named Semiramis.

It was only later I discovered that this story actually came from Hyslop's book, The Two Babylons. I read that book online. I did not see any mention that Semiramis was Nimrod's mother. Maybe he did say that once somewhere but I thought there would be more emphasis on that matter.

So where did this idea come from? As far as I can tell this seems to have come from Hoeh and Co. I am not certain about this. If anyone can better explain this I would be most intrigued to know.

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  1. Denial of Christ and His sacriface and what it acheived in God's plan.