Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'Laodicea's Angel' Speaks and a New 'Apostle' Arises

Dave Pack seems to have made his appearance on the History Channel. Judging by the reactions from ESN correspondents (from November 11 onwards) his performance was forgettable.

According to Jack635 Weinland has now called himself an Apostle now.


  1. I've seen the Nostradamus episode featuring the Apostle Pacman. I agree with the comments on ESN, he appeared in only a few brief clips.

    Pack came off better than Weinland did on the Compass program in Australia last year. They portrayed him for the delusional fool he is. I can confirm that Weinland now claims to be an Apostle.

  2. Thanks for the info. I wish I could have watched that episode. So Weinland couldn't help himself and declared himself an Apostle.